Frank Stefan Tautz
Frank Stefan Tautz
Director Quantum Nanoscience, Peter Grünberg Institut, Forschungszentrum Jülich
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Mechanism of high-resolution STM/AFM imaging with functionalized tips
P Hapala, G Kichin, C Wagner, FS Tautz, R Temirov, P Jelínek
Physical Review B 90 (8), 085421, 2014
Structure and bonding of large aromatic molecules on noble metal surfaces: The example of PTCDA
FS Tautz
Progress in Surface Science 82 (9-12), 479-520, 2007
Molecular Distortions and Chemical Bonding of a Large -Conjugated Molecule on a Metal Surface
A Hauschild, K Karki, BCC Cowie, M Rohlfing, FS Tautz, M Sokolowski
Physical review letters 94 (3), 036106, 2005
Free-electron-like dispersion in an organic monolayer film on a metal substrate
R Temirov, S Soubatch, A Luican, FS Tautz
Nature 444 (7117), 350-353, 2006
Understanding and tuning the epitaxy of large aromatic adsorbates by molecular design
M Eremtchenko, JA Schaefer, FS Tautz
Nature 425 (6958), 602-605, 2003
Structure and energetics of azobenzene at Ag (111): Benchmarking semiempirical dispersion correction approaches
G Mercurio, ER McNellis, I Martin, S Hagen, F Leyssner, S Soubatch, ...
Physical review letters 104 (03), 2010
A novel method achieving ultra-high geometrical resolution in scanning tunnelling microscopy
R Temirov, S Soubatch, O Neucheva, AC Lassise, FS Tautz
New Journal of Physics 10 (5), 053012, 2008
Origin of High-Resolution IETS-STM Images of Organic Molecules with Functionalized Tips (vol 113, 226101 2014)
P Hapala, R Temirov, FS Tautz, P Jelinek
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 115 (7), 079903, 2015
Vertical bonding distances of PTCDA on Au (1 1 1) and Ag (1 1 1): Relation to the bonding type
SKM Henze, O Bauer, TL Lee, M Sokolowski, FS Tautz
Surface Science 601 (6), 1566-1573, 2007
Adsorption structure and scanning tunneling data of a prototype organic-inorganic interface: PTCDA on Ag (111)
M Rohlfing, R Temirov, FS Tautz
Physical Review B 76 (11), 115421, 2007
Imaging Pauli repulsion in scanning tunneling microscopy
C Weiss, C Wagner, C Kleimann, M Rohlfing, FS Tautz, R Temirov
Physical review letters 105 (8), 086103, 2010
Role of intermolecular interactions on the electronic and geometric structure of a large π-conjugated molecule adsorbed on a metal surface
L Kilian, A Hauschild, R Temirov, S Soubatch, A Schöll, A Bendounan, ...
Physical review letters 100 (13), 136103, 2008
Lateral adsorption geometry and site-specific electronic structure of a large organic chemisorbate on a metal surface
A Kraft, R Temirov, SKM Henze, S Soubatch, M Rohlfing, FS Tautz
Physical Review B 74 (4), 041402, 2006
Kondo effect by controlled cleavage of a single-molecule contact
R Temirov, A Lassise, FB Anders, FS Tautz
Nanotechnology 19 (6), 065401, 2008
Single molecule and single atom sensors for atomic resolution imaging of chemically complex surfaces
G Kichin, C Weiss, C Wagner, FS Tautz, R Temirov
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (42), 16847-16851, 2011
Direct imaging of intermolecular bonds in scanning tunneling microscopy
C Weiss, C Wagner, R Temirov, FS Tautz
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (34), 11864-11865, 2010
Orbital tomography: Deconvoluting photoemission spectra of organic molecules
P Puschnig, EM Reinisch, T Ules, G Koller, S Soubatch, M Ostler, ...
Physical Review B 84 (23), 235427, 2011
Strong electron-phonon coupling at a metal/organic interface: PTCDA/Ag (111)
FS Tautz, M Eremtchenko, JA Schaefer, M Sokolowski, V Shklover, ...
Physical Review B 65 (12), 125405, 2002
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M Willenbockel, D Lüftner, B Stadtmüller, G Koller, C Kumpf, S Soubatch, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (3), 1530-1548, 2015
Quantitative prediction of molecular adsorption: Structure and binding of benzene on coinage metals
W Liu, F Maaß, M Willenbockel, C Bronner, M Schulze, S Soubatch, ...
Physical review letters 115 (3), 036104, 2015
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