Tobias Stephan
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The pre-orogenic detrital zircon record of the Peri-Gondwanan crust
T Stephan, U Kroner, RL Romer
Geological Magazine 156 (2), 281-307, 2019
From a bipartite Gondwana shelf to an arcuate Variscan belt: The early Paleozoic evolution of northern Peri-Gondwana
T Stephan, U Kroner, RL Romer, D Rösel
Earth-Science Reviews 192, 491-512, 2019
Fold/cleavage relationships as indicator for late Variscan sinistral transpression at the Rheno-Hercynian–Saxo-Thuringian boundary zone, Central European Variscides
T Stephan, U Kroner, T Hahn, P Hallas, T Heuse
Tectonophysics 681, 250-262, 2016
Paleozoic plate kinematics during the Pannotia–Pangaea supercontinent cycle
U Kroner, T Stephan, RL Romer, M Roscher
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 503 (1), 83-104, 2021
Alteration as possible cause for transition from brittle failure to aseismic slip: the case of the NW-Bohemia/Vogtland earthquake swarm region
J Heinicke, T Stephan, C Alexandrakis, R Gaupp, S Buske
Journal of Geodynamics 124, 79-92, 2019
Paleozoic orogenies and relative plate motions at the sutures of the Iapetus-Rheic Ocean
U Kroner, T Stephan, RL Romer
Reconstructing environmental signals across the Permian-Triassic boundary in the SE Germanic Basin: A Quantitative Provenance Analysis (QPA) approach
L Caracciolo, D Ravidà, D Chew, M Janßen, NK Lünsdorf, W Heins, ...
Global and Planetary Change 26, 103631, 2021
Reconstruction of cyclic Mesozoic–Cenozoic stress development in SE Germany using fault-slip and stylolite inversion
S Köhler, F Duschl, H Fazlikhani, D Koehn, T Stephan, H Stollhofen
Geological Magazine, 2022
Euler Poles of Tectonic Plates
H Schaeben, U Kroner, T Stephan
Encyclopedia of Mathematical Geosciences. Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, 2021
Compiling and correlating paleostress fields across Central Europe-A paleostress chart for northern Bavaria and adjacent areas
F Duschl, T Stephan, S Köhler, D Köhn, H Stollhofen, M Drews
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU21-10098, 2021
Lithospheric-scale anisotropies control first-order stress orientation during Cretaceous-Cenozoic plate kinematics in Western-Central Europe
T Stephan, U Kroner, S Köhler, D Koehn, W Bauer, H Stollhofen
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU21-106, 2021
Paleogeographic and Structural Control on the Arcuate Variscan Belt
T Stephan
Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, 2019
The pre-orogenic detrital zircon record of the Variscan orogeny: Preliminary results
T Stephan, U Kroner
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 17032, 2017
Fold/Cleavage Relationships as Indicator for Sinistral Transpression in the Rheno-Hercynian–Saxo-Thuringian Boundary Zone, Central European Variscides
T Stephan, U Kroner, T Hahn, P Hallas, T Heuse
Freiberg Online Geoscience 46, 34-35, 2016
The exhumation channel of the Erzgebirge: From heat advection to the emplacement of Sn-W enriched granites
P Hallas, T Stephan, M Kirsch, U Kroner
Freiberg Online Geoscience, 15-16, 2016
Age and Petrogenesis of Ni-Cu-(Pge) Sulfide-Bearing Gabbroic Intrusions in the Lausitz Block, Northern Bohemian Massif (Germany/Czech Republic)
T Járóka, J Pfänder, T Seifert, F Hauff, B Sperner, S Staude, T Stephan, ...
Thomas and Hauff, Folkmar and Sperner, Blanka and Staude, Sebastian and …, 0
Die Triggerung der NW-Böhmischen Schwarmbeben: eine Diskussion zu den möglichen Ursachen
J Heinicke, C Alexandrakis, T Stephan, S Buske
Variscan tectonics of the Schwarzburg unit (Saxo-Thuringian Zone): From a transform plate boundary zone to an orogenic wedge
T Stephan, U Kroner
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