Artemis Alexiadou
Artemis Alexiadou
Professor of English Linguistics, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
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Parametrizing AGR: Word order, V-movement and EPP-checking
A Alexiadou, E Anagnostopoulou
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Functional structure in nominals: Nominalization and ergativity
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A Alexiadou
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The properties of anticausatives crosslinguistically
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Voice morphology in the causative-inchoative alternation: Evidence for a non-unified structural analysis of unaccusatives
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The subject-in-situ generalization and the role of case in driving computations
A Alexiadou, E Anagnostopoulou
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External arguments in transitivity alternations: A layering approach
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Adjectival modification and multiple determiners
A Alexiadou, C Wilder
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The syntactic construction of two non-active Voices: Passive and middle1
A Alexiadou, E Doron
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Adjective syntax and noun raising: word order asymmetries in the DP as the result of adjective distribution
A Alexiadou
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Structuring participles
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Instrument subjects are agents or causers
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The syntax of relative clauses
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Inflection class, gender and DP internal structure
A Alexiadou
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On the properties of some Greek word order patterns
A Alexiadou
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On the morpho-syntax of (anti-) causative verbs
A Alexiadou
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Class features as probes
A Alexiadou, G Müller
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Raising without infinitives and the nature of agreement
A Alexiadou, E Anagnostopoulou
Proceedings of WCCFL 18, 14-26, 1999
On the role of syntactic locality in morphological processes: the case of (Greek) derived nominals
A Alexiadou
Quantification, definiteness and nominalization, 253-280, 2009
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