Enrico Ullmann, MD, PD
Enrico Ullmann, MD, PD
Departments of Medicine/Child-Adolescent Psychiatry in Dresden and Leipzig
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High/low cortisol reactivity and food intake in people with obesity and healthy weight
B Herhaus, E Ullmann, G Chrousos, K Petrowski
Translational psychiatry 10 (1), 40, 2020
Emotional and psychological trauma in refugees arriving in Germany in 2015
E Ullmann, A Barthel, S Taché, A Bornstein, J Licinio, SR Bornstein
Molecular Psychiatry 20 (12), 1483-1484, 2015
Pilot study of adrenal steroid hormones in hair as an indicator of chronic mental and physical stress
E Ullmann, A Barthel, K Petrowski, T Stalder, C Kirschbaum, SR Bornstein
Scientific reports 6 (1), 25842, 2016
From allostatic load to allostatic state—an endogenous sympathetic strategy to deal with chronic anxiety and stress?
E Ullmann, SW Perry, J Licinio, ML Wong, E Dremencov, EL Zavjalov, ...
Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 13, 47, 2019
Increased rate of depression and psychosomatic symptoms in Jewish migrants from the post-Soviet-Union to Germany in the 3rd generation after the Shoa
E Ullmann, A Barthel, J Licinio, K Petrowski, SR Bornstein, B Strauss
Translational psychiatry 3 (3), e241, 2013
Stress-inducible-stem cells: a new view on endocrine, metabolic and mental disease?
SR Bornstein, C Steenblock, GP Chrousos, AV Schally, F Beuschlein, ...
Molecular psychiatry 24 (1), 2-9, 2019
Triage tool for suspected COVID-19 patients in the emergency room: AIFELL score
I Levenfus, E Ullmann, E Battegay, MM Schuurmans
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases 24, 458-461, 2020
Post-traumatic stress disorder chronification via monoaminooxidase and cortisol metabolism
V Tseilikman, E Dremencov, E Maslennikova, A Ishmatova, E Manukhina, ...
Hormone and metabolic research 51 (09), 618-622, 2019
Persistent LHPA activation in German individuals raised in an overprotective parental behavior
E Ullmann, J Licinio, A Barthel, K Petrowski, T Stalder, SR Bornstein, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 2778, 2017
Offensive Behavior, Striatal Glutamate Metabolites, and Limbic–Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal Responses to Stress in Chronic Anxiety
E Ullmann, G Chrousos, S Perry, ML Wong, J Licinio, S Bornstein, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2020
Circumcision does not alter long-term glucocorticoids accumulation or psychological effects associated with trauma-and stressor-related disorders
E Ullmann, J Licinio, A Barthel, K Petrowski, B Oratovski, T Stalder, ...
Translational Psychiatry 7 (3), e1063-e1063, 2017
A rat model of post-traumatic stress syndrome causes phenotype-associated morphological changes and hypofunction of the adrenal gland
V Tseilikman, M Komelkova, MV Kondashevskaya, E Manukhina, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (24), 13235, 2021
Countering posttraumatic LHPA activation in refugee mothers and their infants
E Ullmann, SR Bornstein, RS Lanzman, C Kirschbaum, S Sierau, ...
Molecular Psychiatry 23 (1), 2, 2018
Inherited anxiety-related parent–infant dyads alter LHPA activity
E Ullmann, J Licinio, SW Perry, LO White, AM Klein, A Barthel, ...
Stress 22 (1), 27-35, 2019
The AIFELL Score as a Predictor of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) severity and progression in hospitalized patients
I Levenfus, E Ullmann, K Petrowski, J Rose, LC Huber, M Stüssi-Helbling, ...
Diagnostics 12 (3), 604, 2022
PreImplantation factor (PIF*) regulates stress-induced adrenal steroidogenesis and anti-inflammatory cytokines: potential application for bioartificial adrenal transplant
M Balyura, E Gelfgat, E Ullmann, B Ludwig, ER Barnea, SR Bornstein
Hormone and Metabolic Research 50 (02), 168-174, 2018
Lamotrigine reduces stress symptoms of chronic anxiety in the times of the Covid-19 natural catastrophe-a case report
T Pham, GP Chrousos, A Markenschlager, K Petrowski, E Ullmann
Frontiers in Psychiatry, 0
Triage tool for suspected COVID-19 patients in the emergency room: AIFELL score (preprint)
I Levenfus, E Ullmann, E Battegay, MM Schuurmans
The impact of cortisol treatment on free radical oxidation in traumatized clean-up workers 30 years after chernobyl nuclear disaster
V Tseylikman, M Davydovich, O Tseylikman, E Ullmann
Befindlichkeit von in Sachsen lebenden Menschen jüdischen Glaubens in der dritten Generation nach dem Holocaust
E Ullmann
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