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Total internal reflection ellipsometry for kinetics-based assessment of bovine serum albumin immobilization on ZnO nanowires
I Plikusiene, V Maciulis, O Graniel, M Bechelany, S Balevicius, V Vertelis, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9 (4), 1345-1352, 2021
The experimental evidence of a strong coupling regime in the hybrid Tamm plasmon-surface plasmon polariton mode
E Bužavaitė-Vertelienė, V Vertelis, Z Balevičius
Nanophotonics 10 (5), 1565-1571, 2021
Magnetic field expulsion from a conducting projectile in a pulsed serial augmented railgun
V Vertelis, G Vincent, M Schneider, S Balevičius, V Stankevič, ...
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 48 (3), 727-732, 2020
Influence of a gold nano-bumps surface lattice array on the propagation length of strongly coupled Tamm and surface plasmon polaritons
J Anulytė, E Bužavaitė-Vertelienė, V Vertelis, E Stankevičius, K Vilkevičius, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 10 (36), 13234-13241, 2022
Influence of cation-vacancy defects on the properties of CuInSe2–ZnIn2Se4 solid solutions
VV Bozhko, ОV Novosad, OV Parasyuk, VR Kozer, V Vertelis, A Nekrošius, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 618, 712-717, 2015
Measurement system for short-pulsed magnetic fields
V Stankevič, S Keršulis, J Dilys, V Bleizgys, M Viliūnas, V Vertelis, ...
Sensors 23 (3), 1435, 2023
Analysis of carrier transport in photovoltaic structures of P3HT with CdSe nanocrystals
V Kažukauskas, E Couderc, A Sakavičius, A Nekrošius, V Vertelis, ...
Applied Surface Science 334, 169-173, 2015
Electrical properties and electronic structure of Cu1− xZnxInSe2 and Cu1− xZnxInS2 single crystals
VV Bozhko, AV Novosad, OV Parasyuk, OY Khyzhun, N Vainorius, ...
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 82, 42-49, 2015
Revealing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and specific antibody immune complex formation mechanism for precise evaluation of antibody affinity
I Plikusiene, V Maciulis, V Vertelis, S Juciute, S Balevicius, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 24 (17), 13220, 2023
The application of a CMR-B-scalar sensor for the investigation of the electromagnetic acceleration of type II superconductors
V Vertelis, S Balevicius, V Stankevic, N Zurauskiene, M Schneider
Sensors 21 (4), 1293, 2021
Photoelectrical and piezooptical properties of Cu1-xZnx-InS2 solid solutions
OV Novosad, VV Bozhko, IV Kityk, V Vertelis, A Nekrosius, ...
Sens. elektron. mikrosist. tehnol 12 (1), 53-62, 2015
Biosensor based on graphene directly grown by MW-PECVD for detection of COVID-19 spike (S) protein and its entry receptor ACE2
Š Meškinis, R Gudaitis, A Vasiliauskas, A Guobienė, Š Jankauskas, ...
Nanomaterials 13 (16), 2373, 2023
Increase of the photoconductivity quantum yield in silicon irradiated by neutrons to extremely high fluences
JV Vaitkus, M Moll, V Kažukauskas, V Vertelis
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 55 (39), 395104, 2022
Energy band-gap inhomogenities and defect states affecting carrier transport at low temperatures in Thallium Bromide
V Kažukauskas, V Janonis, V Vertelis
Optical Materials 118, 111259, 2021
Superconducting protector against electromagnetic pulses based on YBCO film prepared on an Al2O3 substrate with a CeO2 sublayer
V Vertelis, T Stankevic, S Balevicius, V Stankevic, N Zurauskiene, ...
Superconductor Science and Technology 34 (3), 035007, 2021
Pulsed magnetic flux penetration dynamics inside a thin-walled superconducting tube
V Vertelis, S Balevicius, V Stankevic, N Zurauskiene, M Schneider
Journal of Applied Physics 127 (11), 2020
Photoconductivity relaxation processes in Cu1− xZnxInS2 solid solutions
VV Bozhko, AV Novosad, OV Parasyuk, N Vainorius, V Vertelis, ...
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 39, 665-670, 2015
Enhanced persistent photoconduction in CuInS2–ZnIn2S4 alloys single crystals and processes of its relaxation
VV Bozhko, AV Novosad, OV Parasyuk, N Vainorius, V Vertelis, ...
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 627 (1), 153-162, 2016
Growth and analysis of nanostructured CuInSe2-ZnIn2Se4 solid solutions: their electrical and photoelectrical properties
VV Bozhko, OV Novosad, OV Parasyuk, VR Kozer, V Vertelis, ...
Materials Today: Proceedings 2 (1), 178-192, 2015
Magnetic proximity sensor based on colossal magnetoresistance effect
S Balevičius, P Piatrou, V Vertelis, V Stankevič, S Keršulis, J Dobilas, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 375, 115518, 2024
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