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Carbon-based MOF derivatives: emerging efficient electromagnetic wave absorption agents
X Zhang, J Qiao, Y Jiang, F Wang, X Tian, Z Wang, L Wu, W Liu, J Liu
Nano-Micro Letters 13, 1-31, 2021
High-Efficiency Electromagnetic Wave Absorption of Cobalt-Decorated NH2-UIO-66-Derived Porous ZrO2/C
X Zhang, J Qiao, J Zhao, D Xu, F Wang, C Liu, Y Jiang, L Wu, P Cui, L Lv, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (39), 35959-35968, 2019
3D printed biodegradable implants as an individualized drug delivery system for local chemotherapy of osteosarcoma
Y Wang, L Sun, Z Mei, F Zhang, M He, C Fletcher, F Wang, J Yang, D Bi, ...
Materials & Design 186, 108336, 2020
Enhanced transcellular penetration and drug delivery by crosslinked polymeric micelles into pancreatic multicellular tumor spheroids
H Lu, RH Utama, U Kitiyotsawat, K Babiuch, Y Jiang, MH Stenzel
Biomaterials science 3 (7), 1085-1095, 2015
Recent advancements on photothermal conversion and antibacterial applications over MXenes-based materials
S Hao, H Han, Z Yang, M Chen, Y Jiang, G Lu, L Dong, H Wen, H Li, J Liu, ...
Nano-Micro Letters 14 (1), 178, 2022
Helical encapsulation of graphene nanoribbon into carbon nanotube
Y Jiang, H Li, Y Li, H Yu, KM Liew, Y He, X Liu
ACS nano 5 (3), 2126-2133, 2011
DFT calculations: A powerful tool for better understanding of electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reactions on Pt-based metallic catalysts
C Fu, C Liu, T Li, X Zhang, F Wang, J Yang, Y Jiang, P Cui, H Li
Computational Materials Science 170, 109202, 2019
Bottom‐Up Fabrication of Nanopatterned Polymers on DNA Origami by In Situ Atom‐Transfer Radical Polymerization
Y Tokura, Y Jiang, A Welle, MH Stenzel, KM Krzemien, J Michaelis, ...
Angewandte Chemie 128 (19), 5786-5791, 2016
Atomistic origin of the complex morphological evolution of aluminum nanoparticles during oxidation: a chain-like oxide nucleation and growth mechanism
X Zhang, C Fu, Y Xia, Y Duan, Y Li, Z Wang, Y Jiang, H Li
ACS nano 13 (3), 3005-3014, 2019
Recent advances and perspectives on constructing metal oxide semiconductor gas sensing materials for efficient formaldehyde detection
Z Han, Y Qi, Z Yang, H Han, Y Jiang, W Du, X Zhang, J Zhang, Z Dai, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8 (38), 13169-13188, 2020
A MOF-derived ZrO 2/C nanocomposite for efficient electromagnetic wave absorption
X Zhang, J Qiao, C Liu, F Wang, Y Jiang, P Cui, Q Wang, Z Wang, L Wu, ...
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 7 (2), 385-393, 2020
Biocompatible glycopolymer nanocapsules via inverse miniemulsion periphery RAFT polymerization for the delivery of gemcitabine
RH Utama, Y Jiang, PB Zetterlund, MH Stenzel
Biomacromolecules 16 (7), 2144-2156, 2015
PEGylated albumin-based polyion complex micelles for protein delivery
Y Jiang, H Lu, F Chen, M Callari, M Pourgholami, DL Morris, MH Stenzel
Biomacromolecules 17 (3), 808-817, 2016
Drug delivery vehicles based on albumin–polymer conjugates
Y Jiang, M Stenzel
Macromolecular bioscience 16 (6), 791-802, 2016
Recent advances in ultra-small fluorescent Au nanoclusters toward oncological research
J Yang, F Wang, H Yuan, L Zhang, Y Jiang, X Zhang, C Liu, L Chai, H Li, ...
Nanoscale 11 (39), 17967-17980, 2019
Shining light on transition metal sulfides: New choices as highly efficient antibacterial agents
H Han, J Yang, X Li, Y Qi, Z Yang, Z Han, Y Jiang, M Stenzel, H Li, Y Yin, ...
Nano Research, 1-23, 2021
Biodegradable glycopolymeric micelles obtained by RAFT-controlled radical ring-opening polymerization
S Ganda, Y Jiang, DS Thomas, J Eliezar, MH Stenzel
Macromolecules 49 (11), 4136-4146, 2016
Combined identification of three miRNAs in serum as effective diagnostic biomarkers for HNSCC
C Liu, Z Yu, S Huang, Q Zhao, Z Sun, C Fletcher, Y Jiang, D Zhang
EBioMedicine 50, 135-143, 2019
Influencing selectivity to cancer cells with mixed nanoparticles prepared from albumin–polymer conjugates and block copolymers
Y Jiang, S Wong, F Chen, T Chang, H Lu, MH Stenzel
Bioconjugate Chemistry 28 (4), 979-985, 2017
The effect of surface wettability and coalescence dynamics in catalytic performance and catalyst preparation: a review
T Li, J Wang, F Wang, L Zhang, Y Jiang, H Arandiyan, H Li
ChemCatChem 11 (6), 1576-1586, 2019
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