Geeta Eick
Geeta Eick
Courtesy Research Associate, University of Oregon
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A nuclear DNA phylogenetic perspective on the evolution of echolocation and historical biogeography of extant bats (Chiroptera)
GN Eick, DS Jacobs, CA Matthee
Molecular Biology and Evolution 22 (9), 1869-1886, 2005
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Gastrointestinal carcinoids: the evolution of diagnostic strategies
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Chronic noncommunicable diseases in 6 low-and middle-income countries: findings from wave 1 of the World Health Organization's study on global Ageing and adult health (SAGE)
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (17), E3914-E3921, 2018
GeneChip, geNorm, and gastrointestinal tumors: novel reference genes for real-time PCR
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Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 42 (3), 827-837, 2007
Microsatellite instability and gene mutations in transforming growth factor‐beta type II receptor are absent in small bowel carcinoid tumors
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Cryptic Species in an Insectivorous Bat, Scotophilus dinganii
DS Jacobs, GN Eick, MC Schoeman, CA Matthee
Journal of Mammalogy 87 (1), 161-170, 2006
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