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Nuclear pore components are involved in the transcriptional regulation of dosage compensation in Drosophila
S Mendjan, M Taipale, J Kind, H Holz, P Gebhardt, M Schelder, ...
Molecular cell 21 (6), 811-823, 2006
MOF-regulated acetylation of MSL-3 in the Drosophila dosage compensation complex
A Buscaino, T Köcher, JH Kind, H Holz, M Taipale, K Wagner, M Wilm, ...
Molecular cell 11 (5), 1265-1277, 2003
Hairpin RNA induces secondary small interfering RNA synthesis and silencing in trans in fission yeast
F Simmer, A Buscaino, IC Kos‐Braun, A Kagansky, A Boukaba, T Urano, ...
EMBO reports 11 (2), 112-118, 2010
Distinct roles for Sir2 and RNAi in centromeric heterochromatin nucleation, spreading and maintenance
A Buscaino, E Lejeune, P Audergon, G Hamilton, A Pidoux, RC Allshire
The EMBO journal 32 (9), 1250-1264, 2013
Building centromeres: home sweet home or a nomadic existence?
A Buscaino, R Allshire, A Pidoux
Current opinion in genetics & development 20 (2), 118-126, 2010
Structure of the chromo barrel domain from the MOF acetyltransferase
PR Nielsen, D Nietlispach, A Buscaino, RJ Warner, A Akhtar, AG Murzin, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (37), 32326-32331, 2005
A general precursor ion‐like scanning mode on quadrupole‐TOF instruments compatible with chromatographic separation
R Niggeweg, T Köcher, M Gentzel, A Buscaino, M Taipale, A Akhtar, ...
Proteomics 6 (1), 41-53, 2006
X‐chromosome targeting and dosage compensation are mediated by distinct domains in MSL‐3
A Buscaino, G Legube, A Akhtar
EMBO reports 7 (5), 531-538, 2006
Candida albicans repetitive elements display epigenetic diversity and plasticity
V Freire-Benéitez, RJ Price, D Tarrant, J Berman, A Buscaino
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-12, 2016
Sir2 regulates stability of repetitive domains differentially in the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans
V Freire-Beneitez, S Gourlay, J Berman, A Buscaino
Nucleic acids research 44 (19), 9166-9179, 2016
Raf1 is a DCAF for the Rik1 DDB1-like protein and has separable roles in siRNA generation and chromatin modification
A Buscaino, SA White, DR Houston, E Lejeune, F Simmer, ...
PLoS genetics 8 (2), e1002499, 2012
The Chromatin of Candida albicans Pericentromeres Bears Features of Both Euchromatin and Heterochromatin
V Freire-Benéitez, RJ Price, A Buscaino
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 759, 2016
Chromatin-mediated regulation of genome plasticity in human fungal pathogens
A Buscaino
Genes 10 (11), 855, 2019
Chromatin profiling of the repetitive and nonrepetitive genomes of the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans
RJ Price, E Weindling, J Berman, A Buscaino
MBio 10 (4), e01376-19, 2019
Identification of the enhancer binding protein MBF-1 of the sea urchin modulator α-H2A histone gene
C Alessandro, P Di Simone, A Buscaino, L Anello, F Palla, G Spinelli
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 295 (2), 519-525, 2002
The RFTS domain of Raf2 is required for Cul4 interaction and heterochromatin integrity in fission yeast
SA White, A Buscaino, L Sanchez-Pulido, CP Ponting, MW Nowicki, ...
Plos one 9 (8), e104161, 2014
Molecular biology: silencing unlimited
R Almeida, A Buscaino, RC Allshire
Current Biology 16 (16), R635-R638, 2006
On and Off: Epigenetic Regulation of C. albicans Morphological Switches
E Iracane, S Vega-Estévez, A Buscaino
Pathogens 10 (11), 1463, 2021
The fungal-specific Hda2 and Hda3 proteins regulate morphological switches in the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans
MR Peterson, RJ Price, S Gourlay, A May, J Tullet, A Buscaino
bioRxiv, 340364, 2018
The Genome of the CTG(Ser1) Yeast Scheffersomyces stipitis Is Plastic
S Vega-Estévez, A Armitage, HJ Bates, RJ Harrison, A Buscaino
Mbio 12 (5), e01871-21, 2021
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