Syd Ramdhani
Syd Ramdhani
Lecturer and Curator (Ward Herbarium), School of Life Sciences, Westville Campus, University of KwaZulu-Natal
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The world's zoogeographical regions confirmed by cross-taxon analyses
Ş Procheş, S Ramdhani
Bioscience 62 (3), 260-270, 2012
How to build science-action partnerships for local land-use planning and management: lessons from Durban, South Africa
J Cockburn, M Rouget, R Slotow, D Roberts, R Boon, E Douwes, ...
Ecology and Society 21 (1), 2016
Effects of simulated acid rain on germination, seedling growth and oxidative metabolism of recalcitrant‐seeded Trichilia dregeana grown in its natural seed bank
C Ramlall, B Varghese, S Ramdhani, NW Pammenter, A Bhatt, P Berjak
Physiologia plantarum 153 (1), 149-160, 2015
Global hotspots in the present-day distribution of ancient animal and plant lineages
Ş Procheş, S Ramdhani, SJ Perera, JR Ali, S Gairola
Scientific Reports 5 (1), 1-6, 2015
Revisiting monophyly in Haworthia Duval (Asphodelaceae): Incongruence, hybridization and contemporary speciation
S Ramdhani, NP Barker, RM Cowling
Taxon 60 (4), 1001-1014, 2011
Exploring the Afromontane centre of endemism: Kniphofia Moench (Asphodelaceae) as a floristic indicator
S Ramdhani, NP Barker, H Baijnath
Journal of Biogeography 35 (12), 2258-2273, 2008
Grasslands feeling the heat: The effects of elevated temperatures on a subtropical grassland
S Ramdhani, RD Buhrmann, NW Pammenter, S Naidoo
Bothalia-African Biodiversity & Conservation 46 (2), 1-12, 2016
Rampant nonmonophyly of species in Kniphofia Moench (Asphodelaceae) suggests a recent Afromontane radiation
S Ramdhani, NP Barker, H Baijnath
Taxon 58 (4), 1141-1152, 2009
Eighty‐three lineages that took over the world: a first review of terrestrial cosmopolitan tetrapods
Ş Procheş, S Ramdhani
Journal of Biogeography 40 (10), 1819-1831, 2013
An assessment of a community-based, forest restoration programme in Durban (eThekwini), South Africa
LF Mugwedi, M Rouget, B Egoh, S Ramdhani, R Slotow, JL Rentería
Forests 8 (8), 255, 2017
Epiphyte diversity on host trees in an urban environment, eThekwini Municipal Area, South Africa
A Bhatt, S Gairola, Y Govender, H Baijnath, S Ramdhani
New Zealand journal of botany 53 (1), 24-37, 2015
Incidence and intensity of tree infestation by the mistletoe Erianthemum dregei (Eckl. & Zeyh.) V. Tieghem in Durban, South Africa
S Gairola, A Bhatt, Y Govender, H Baijnath, Ş Procheş, S Ramdhani
Urban forestry & urban greening 12 (3), 315-322, 2013
Effects of elevated temperatures on germination and subsequent seedling vigour in recalcitrant Trichilia emetica seeds
A Perumal, B Varghese, P Govender, S Ramdhani, P Berjak
South African Journal of Botany 90, 153-162, 2014
Phylogeography of Schotia (Fabaceae): Recent Evolutionary Processes in an Ancient Thicket Biome Lineage
S Ramdhani, RM Cowling, NP Barker
International Journal of Plant Sciences 171 (6), 626-640, 2010
Towards understanding the incidence and evolutionary history of seed recalcitrance: an analytical review
A Subbiah, S Ramdhani, NW Pammenter, AHH Macdonald
Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 37, 11-19, 2019
An assessment of morphological, physiological and biochemical biomarkers of industrial air pollution in the leaves of Brachylaena discolor
CA Areington, B Varghese, S Ramdhani
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 226 (9), 1-14, 2015
Vertebrate endemism in south-eastern Africa numerically redefines a biodiversity hotspot
SJ Perera, Ş ProcheŞ, D Ratnayake-Perera, S Ramdhani
Zootaxa 4382 (1), 56–92-56–92, 2018
Tracking indigenous forest cover within an urban matrix through land use analysis: the case of a rapidly developing African city
A Bhugeloo, K Peerbhay, S Ramdhani
Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment 13, 328-336, 2019
The relative influence of abiotic and biotic factors on suitable habitat of Old World fruit bats under current and future climate scenarios
N Arumoogum, MC Schoeman, S Ramdhani
Mammalian Biology 98 (1), 188-200, 2019
Revised treatment of Mozambican Memecylon (Melastomataceae—Olisbeoideae), with descriptions of four new species in M. section Buxifolia
RD Stone, IG Mona, S Ramdhani
Phytotaxa 331 (2), 151–168-151–168, 2017
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