Severin Vierrath
Severin Vierrath
University of Freiburg / Hahn-Schickard
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Tailoring the Membrane‐Electrode Interface in PEM Fuel Cells: A Review and Perspective on Novel Engineering Approaches
M Breitwieser, M Klingele, S Vierrath, R Zengerle, S Thiele
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (4), 1701257, 2018
All‐hydrocarbon MEA for PEM water electrolysis combining low hydrogen crossover and high efficiency
C Klose, T Saatkamp, A Münchinger, L Bohn, G Titvinidze, M Breitwieser, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (14), 1903995, 2020
The reasons for the high power density of fuel cells fabricated with directly deposited membranes
S Vierrath, M Breitwieser, M Klingele, B Britton, S Holdcroft, R Zengerle, ...
Journal of Power Sources 326, 170-175, 2016
Morphology of nanoporous carbon-binder domains in Li-ion batteries—A FIB-SEM study
S Vierrath, L Zielke, R Moroni, A Mondon, DR Wheeler, R Zengerle, ...
Electrochemistry Communications 60, 176-179, 2015
Efficient and stable low iridium loaded anodes for PEM water electrolysis made possible by nanofiber interlayers
F Hegge, F Lombeck, E Cruz Ortiz, L Bohn, M von Holst, M Kroschel, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (9), 8276-8284, 2020
Enhancing the quality of the tomography of nanoporous materials for better understanding of polymer electrolyte fuel cell materials
S Vierrath, F Güder, A Menzel, M Hagner, R Zengerle, M Zacharias, ...
Journal of Power Sources 285, 413-417, 2015
Highly efficient solar hydrogen generation—an integrated concept joining III–V solar cells with PEM electrolysis cells
S Rau, S Vierrath, J Ohlmann, A Fallisch, D Lackner, F Dimroth, ...
Energy Technology 2 (1), 43-53, 2014
Cerium Oxide Decorated Polymer Nanofibers as Effective Membrane Reinforcement for Durable, High‐Performance Fuel Cells
M Breitwieser, C Klose, A Hartmann, A Büchler, M Klingele, S Vierrath, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (6), 1602100, 2017
Membrane interlayer with Pt recombination particles for reduction of the anodic hydrogen content in PEM water electrolysis
C Klose, P Trinke, T Böhm, B Bensmann, S Vierrath, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 165 (16), F1271, 2018
Optimization of anodic porous transport electrodes for proton exchange membrane water electrolyzers
M Bühler, F Hegge, P Holzapfel, M Bierling, M Suermann, S Vierrath, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (47), 26984-26995, 2019
A completely spray-coated membrane electrode assembly
M Klingele, B Britton, M Breitwieser, S Vierrath, R Zengerle, S Holdcroft, ...
Electrochemistry Communications 70, 65-68, 2016
Electrospun sulfonated poly (ether ketone) nanofibers as proton conductive reinforcement for durable Nafion composite membranes
C Klose, M Breitwieser, S Vierrath, M Klingele, H Cho, A Büchler, J Kerres, ...
Journal of Power Sources 361, 237-242, 2017
Children with social anxiety disorder show blunted pupillary reactivity and altered eye contact processing in response to emotional faces: Insights from pupillometry and eye …
V Keil, R Hepach, S Vierrath, D Caffier, B Tuschen-Caffier, C Klein, ...
Journal of anxiety disorders 58, 61-69, 2018
Improving the water management in anion-exchange membrane fuel cells via ultra-thin, directly deposited solid polymer electrolyte
P Veh, B Britton, S Holdcroft, R Zengerle, S Vierrath, M Breitwieser
RSC advances 10 (15), 8645-8652, 2020
Three-dimensional microstructure analysis of a polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyzer anode
F Hegge, R Moroni, P Trinke, B Bensmann, R Hanke-Rauschenbach, ...
Journal of power sources 393, 62-66, 2018
Three-dimensional morphology of the interface between micro porous layer and catalyst layer in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
L Zielke, S Vierrath, R Moroni, A Mondon, R Zengerle, S Thiele
RSC advances 6 (84), 80700-80705, 2016
30 μm thin hexamethyl-p-terphenyl poly (benzimidazolium) anion exchange membrane for vanadium redox flow batteries
B Shanahan, T Böhm, B Britton, S Holdcroft, R Zengerle, S Vierrath, ...
Electrochemistry communications 102, 37-40, 2019
High surface hierarchical carbon nanowalls synthesized by plasma deposition using an aromatic precursor
K Lehmann, O Yurchenko, A Heilemann, S Vierrath, L Zielke, S Thiele, ...
Carbon 118, 578-587, 2017
Impact of carbon support corrosion on performance losses in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
F Hegge, J Sharman, R Moroni, S Thiele, R Zengerle, M Breitwieser, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 166 (13), F956, 2019
Hydrocarbon-based Pemion™ proton exchange membrane fuel cells with state-of-the-art performance
H Nguyen, F Lombeck, C Schwarz, PA Heizmann, M Adamski, HF Lee, ...
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 5 (14), 3687-3699, 2021
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