Ulrich Struck
Ulrich Struck
Professor für Isotopenpaläontologie, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin und Freie Universität Berlin
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Temperature and salinity variations of Mediterranean Sea surface waters over the last 16,000 years from records of planktonic stable oxygen isotopes and alkenone unsaturation …
KC Emeis, U Struck, HM Schulz, R Rosenberg, S Bernasconi, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 158 (3-4), 259-280, 2000
A multiproxy reconstruction of the evolution of deep and surface waters in the subarctic Nordic seas over the last 30,000 yr
HA Bauch, H Erlenkeuser, RF Spielhagen, U Struck, J Matthiessen, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 20 (4), 659-678, 2001
Changes in the C, N, P burial rates in some Baltic Sea sediments over the last 150 years—relevance to P regeneration rates and the phosphorus cycle
KC Emeis, U Struck, T Leipe, F Pollehne, H Kunzendorf, C Christiansen
Marine Geology 167 (1-2), 43-59, 2000
Coral mucus fuels the sponge loop in warm-and cold-water coral reef ecosystems
L Rix, JM de Goeij, CE Mueller, U Struck, JJ Middelburg, FC van Duyl, ...
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Eastern Mediterranean surface water temperatures and δ18O composition during deposition of sapropels in the late Quaternary
KC Emeis, H Schulz, U Struck, M Rossignol‐Strick, H Erlenkeuser, ...
Paleoceanography 18 (1), 2003
Salinity changes in the central Baltic Sea (NW Europe) over the last 10000 years
KC Emeis, U Struck, T Blanz, A Kohly, M Voβ
The Holocene 13 (3), 411-421, 2003
Hypoxia causes preservation of labile organic matter and changes seafloor microbial community composition (Black Sea)
GL Jessen, A Lichtschlag, A Ramette, S Pantoja, PE Rossel, CJ Schubert, ...
Science advances 3 (2), e1601897, 2017
How to account for the lipid effect on carbon stable‐isotope ratio (δ13C): sample treatment effects and model bias
K Mintenbeck, T Brey, U Jacob, R Knust, U Struck
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Stable nitrogen and carbon isotopes as indicator of eutrophication of the Oder river (Baltic Sea)
M Voβ, U Struck
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Shallow gas in shelf sediments of the Namibian coastal upwelling ecosystem
KC Emeis, V Brüchert, B Currie, R Endler, T Ferdelman, A Kiessling, ...
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Differential recycling of coral and algal dissolved organic matter via the sponge loop
L Rix, JM de Goeij, D van Oevelen, U Struck, FA Al‐Horani, C Wild, ...
Functional Ecology 31 (3), 778-789, 2017
Palaeoenvironmental changes in southern Patagonia during the last millennium recorded in lake sediments from Laguna Azul (Argentina)
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Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 228 (3-4), 203-227, 2005
Organic matter release by dominant hermatypic corals of the Northern Red Sea
MS Naumann, A Haas, U Struck, C Mayr, M el-Zibdah, C Wild
Coral Reefs 29, 649-659, 2010
Biological productivity during sapropel S5 formation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: evidence from stable isotopes of nitrogen and carbon
U Struck, KC Emeis, M Voß, MD Krom, GH Rau
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Organic matter release by coral reef associated benthic algae in the Northern Red Sea
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Benthic metabolism and degradation of natural particulate organic matter in carbonate and silicate reef sands of the northern Red Sea
C Wild, M Rasheed, C Jantzen, P Cook, U Struck, M Huettel, A Boetius
Marine Ecology Progress Series 298, 69-78, 2005
Marine biogeochemical cycling during the early Cambrian constrained by a nitrogen and organic carbon isotope study of the Xiaotan section, South China
L Cremonese, G Shields-Zhou, U Struck, HF Ling, L Och, X Chen, D Li
Precambrian Research 225, 148-165, 2013
Palaeoceanographic controls on spatial redox distribution over the Yangtze Platform during the Ediacaran–Cambrian transition
LM Och, L Cremonese, GA Shields‐Zhou, SW Poulton, U Struck, H Ling, ...
Sedimentology 63 (2), 378-410, 2016
Coupling of ocean redox and animal evolution during the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition
D Wang, HF Ling, U Struck, XK Zhu, M Zhu, T He, B Yang, A Gamper, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 2575, 2018
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