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Macromolecular organic compounds from the depths of Enceladus
F Postberg, N Khawaja, B Abel, G Choblet, CR Glein, MS Gudipati, ...
Nature 558 (7711), 564-568, 2018
Low-mass nitrogen-, oxygen-bearing, and aromatic compounds in Enceladean ice grains
N Khawaja, F Postberg, J Hillier, F Klenner, S Kempf, L Nölle, R Reviol, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 489 (4), 5231-5243, 2019
Analog experiments for the identification of trace biosignatures in ice grains from extraterrestrial ocean worlds
F Klenner, F Postberg, J Hillier, N Khawaja, R Reviol, F Stolz, ML Cable, ...
Astrobiology 20 (2), 179-189, 2020
Discriminating abiotic and biotic fingerprints of amino acids and fatty acids in ice grains relevant to ocean worlds
F Klenner, F Postberg, J Hillier, N Khawaja, ML Cable, B Abel, S Kempf, ...
Astrobiology 20 (10), 1168-1184, 2020
Detection of phosphates originating from Enceladus’s ocean
F Postberg, Y Sekine, F Klenner, CR Glein, Z Zou, B Abel, K Furuya, ...
Nature 618 (7965), 489-493, 2023
Experimental and simulation efforts in the astrobiological exploration of exooceans
RS Taubner, K Olsson-Francis, SD Vance, NK Ramkissoon, F Postberg, ...
Space science reviews 216, 1-41, 2020
Analogue spectra for impact ionization mass spectra of water ice grains obtained at different impact speeds in space
F Klenner, F Postberg, J Hillier, N Khawaja, R Reviol, R Srama, B Abel, ...
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 33 (22), 1751-1760, 2019
Toward detecting biosignatures of DNA, lipids, and metabolic intermediates from bacteria in ice grains emitted by Enceladus and Europa
M Dannenmann, F Klenner, J Bönigk, M Pavlista, M Napoleoni, J Hillier, ...
Astrobiology 23 (1), 60-75, 2023
Developing a laser induced liquid beam ion desorption spectral database as reference for spaceborne mass spectrometers
F Klenner, M Umair, SHG Walter, N Khawaja, J Hillier, L Nölle, Z Zou, ...
Earth and Space Science 9 (9), e2022EA002313, 2022
Mass Spectrometric Fingerprints of Organic Compounds in NaCl-Rich Ice Grains from Europa and Enceladus
M Napoleoni, F Klenner, N Khawaja, JK Hillier, F Postberg
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 7 (4), 735-752, 2023
Mass Spectrometric Fingerprints of Organic Compounds in Sulfate-Rich Ice Grains: Implications for Europa Clipper
M Napoleoni, F Klenner, L Hortal Sánchez, N Khawaja, JK Hillier, ...
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 7 (9), 1675-1693, 2023
Complementary mass spectral analysis of isomeric O-bearing organic compounds and fragmentation differences through analog techniques for spaceborne mass spectrometers
N Khawaja, J Hillier, F Klenner, L Nölle, Z Zou, M Napoleoni, R Reviol, ...
The Planetary Science Journal 3 (11), 254, 2022
Is there such a thing as a biosignature?
C Malaterre, IL Ten Kate, M Baqué, V Debaille, JL Grenfell, EJ Javaux, ...
Astrobiology 23 (11), 1213-1227, 2023
Detection of phosphates originating from enceladus’ ocean by Cassini’s cosmic dust analyzer
F Postberg, F Klenner, Z Zou, JK Hillier, N Khawaja, L Nölle, J Schmidt
EPSC2022, 2022
Plume grain sampling at hypervelocity: Implications for astrobiology investigations
M Cable, SE Waller, R Hodyss, AE Hofmann, MJ Malaska, RE Continetti, ...
white paper e-id 54, 2023-2032, 2021
Discriminating aromatic parent compounds and their derivative isomers in ice grains from Enceladus and Europa using a laboratory analogue for spaceborne mass spectrometers
N Khawaja, TR O’Sullivan, F Klenner, LH Sanchez, J Hillier
Earth and Space Science 10 (4), e2022EA002807, 2023
ENIJA: Search for life with a high-resolution TOF-MS for in-situ compositonal analysis of nano-and micron-sized dust particles
R Srama, F Postberg, H Henkel, T Klopfer, Y Li, R Reviol, N Khawaja, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 13456, 2015
Radial compositional profile of Saturn's E ring indicates substantial space weathering effects
L Nölle, F Postberg, J Schmidt, F Klenner, N Khawaja, J Hillier, S Kempf, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 527 (3), 8131-8139, 2024
OLYMPIA-LILBID: A new laboratory setup to calibrate spaceborne hypervelocity ice grain detectors using high-resolution mass spectrometry
A Sanderink, F Klenner, I Zymak, J Žabka, F Postberg, JP Lebreton, ...
Analytical Chemistry 95 (7), 3621-3628, 2023
Experiments for the identification of bacterial cell material in single ice grains emitted by enceladus and europa
F Klenner, J Bönigk, M Napoleoni, M Dannenmann, M Pavlista, ...
EPSC2022, 2022
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