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Protrusion force microscopy reveals oscillatory force generation and mechanosensing activity of human macrophage podosomes
A Labernadie, A Bouissou, P Delobelle, S Balor, R Voituriez, A Proag, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-10, 2014
Dynamics of podosome stiffness revealed by atomic force microscopy
A Labernadie, C Thibault, C Vieu, I Maridonneau-Parini, GM Charrière
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (49), 21016-21021, 2010
Electrical properties and non-volatile memory effect of the [Fe(HB(pz)3)2] spin crossover complex integrated in a microelectrode device
T Mahfoud, G Molnár, S Cobo, L Salmon, C Thibault, C Vieu, P Demont, ...
Applied Physics Letters 99 (5), 157, 2011
Direct microcontact printing of oligonucleotides for biochip applications
C Thibault, V Le Berre, S Casimirius, E Trévisiol, J François, C Vieu
Journal of nanobiotechnology 3 (1), 1-12, 2005
Spin-crossover metal–organic frameworks: promising materials for designing gas sensors
C Bartual-Murgui, A Akou, C Thibault, G Molnár, C Vieu, L Salmon, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (6), 1277-1285, 2015
Soft lithographic patterning of spin crossover nanoparticles
C Thibault, G Molnár, L Salmon, A Bousseksou, C Vieu
Langmuir 26 (3), 1557-1560, 2010
Assembly of live micro-organisms on microstructured PDMS stamps by convective/capillary deposition for AFM bio-experiments
E Dague, E Jauvert, L Laplatine, B Viallet, C Thibault, L Ressier
Nanotechnology 22 (39), 395102, 2011
Poly (dimethylsiloxane) contamination in microcontact printing and its influence on patterning oligonucleotides
C Thibault, C Séverac, AF Mingotaud, C Vieu, M Mauzac
Langmuir 23 (21), 10706-10714, 2007
Multiphoton direct laser writing and 3D imaging of polymeric freestanding architectures for cell colonization
A Accardo, MC Blatché, R Courson, I Loubinoux, C Thibault, L Malaquin, ...
Small 13 (27), 1700621, 2017
High quality nano-patterned thin films of the coordination compound {Fe (pyrazine)[Pt (CN) 4]} deposited layer-by-layer
C Bartual-Murgui, L Salmon, A Akou, C Thibault, G Molnár, T Mahfoud, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 35 (10), 2089-2094, 2011
Guest effect on nanopatterned spin‐crossover thin films
C Bartual‐Murgui, A Akou, L Salmon, G Molnár, C Thibault, JA Real, ...
Small 7 (23), 3385-3391, 2011
Podosome force generation machinery: a local balance between protrusion at the core and traction at the ring
A Bouissou, A Proag, N Bourg, K Pingris, C Cabriel, S Balor, T Mangeat, ...
ACS nano 11 (4), 4028-4040, 2017
Working together: spatial synchrony in the force and actin dynamics of podosome first neighbors
A Proag, A Bouissou, T Mangeat, R Voituriez, P Delobelle, C Thibault, ...
ACS nano 9 (4), 3800-3813, 2015
Preparation of tethered-lipid bilayers on gold surfaces for the incorporation of integral membrane proteins synthesized by cell-free expression
A Coutable, C Thibault, J Chalmeau, JM François, C Vieu, V Noireaux, ...
Langmuir 30 (11), 3132-3141, 2014
AFM imaging of molecular spin‐state changes through quantitative thermomechanical measurements
EM Hernández, CM Quintero, O Kraieva, C Thibault, C Bergaud, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (18), 2889-2893, 2014
Soft lithographic patterning of spin crossover complexes. Part 2: stimuli-responsive diffraction grating properties
A Akou, A Il'ya, L Salmon, C Bartual-Murgui, C Thibault, C Vieu, G Molnár, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (9), 3752-3757, 2012
Bone degradation machinery of osteoclasts: An HIV-1 target that contributes to bone loss
B Raynaud-Messina, L Bracq, M Dupont, S Souriant, SM Usmani, A Proag, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (11), E2556-E2565, 2018
Synergistic switching of plasmonic resonances and molecular spin states
K Abdul-Kader, M Lopes, C Bartual-Murgui, O Kraieva, EM Hernández, ...
Nanoscale 5 (12), 5288-5293, 2013
Ordered arrays of single DNA molecules by a combination of capillary assembly, molecular combing and soft-lithography
A Cerf, C Thibault, M Geneviève, C Vieu
Microelectronic Engineering 86 (4-6), 1419-1423, 2009
Fabrication of 3D scaffolds reproducing intestinal epithelium topography by high-resolution 3D stereolithography
J Creff, R Courson, T Mangeat, J Foncy, S Souleille, C Thibault, A Besson, ...
Biomaterials 221, 119404, 2019
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