Caroline Brennan
Caroline Brennan
Reader of Molecular Genetics Queen Mary University of London
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Eph signaling is required for segmentation and differentiation of the somites
L Durbin, C Brennan, K Shiomi, J Cooke, A Barrios, S Shanmugalingam, ...
Genes & development 12 (19), 3096-3109, 1998
Mammalian AMP-activated protein kinase is homologous to yeast and plant protein kinases involved in the regulation of carbon metabolism.
D Carling, K Aguan, A Woods, AJ Verhoeven, RK Beri, CH Brennan, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 269 (15), 11442-11448, 1994
The Pax protein Noi is required for commissural axon pathway formation in the rostral forebrain
R Macdonald, J Scholes, U Strahle, C Brennan, N Holder, M Brand, ...
Development 124 (12), 2397-2408, 1997
Ephrin-B regulates the Ipsilateral routing of retinal axons at the optic chiasm
S Nakagawa, C Brennan, KG Johnson, D Shewan, WA Harris, CE Holt
Neuron 25 (3), 599-610, 2000
Eph/Ephrin signaling regulates the mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition of the paraxial mesoderm during somite morphogenesis
A Barrios, RJ Poole, L Durbin, C Brennan, N Holder, SW Wilson
Current Biology 13 (18), 1571-1582, 2003
Two Eph receptor tyrosine kinase ligands control axon growth and may be involved in the creation of the retinotectal map in the zebrafish
C Brennan, B Monschau, R Lindberg, B Guthrie, U Drescher, ...
Development 124 (3), 655-664, 1997
Gene expression changes in a zebrafish model of drug dependency suggest conservation of neuro-adaptation pathways
LJM Kily, YCM Cowe, O Hussain, S Patel, S McElwaine, FE Cotter, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 211 (10), 1623-1634, 2008
Molecular psychiatry of zebrafish
AM Stewart, JFP Ullmann, WHJ Norton, MO Parker, CH Brennan, R Gerlai, ...
Molecular psychiatry 20 (1), 2-17, 2015
Regeneration‐enhancing effects of EphA4 blocking peptide following corticospinal tract injury in adult rat spinal cord
J Fabes, P Anderson, C Brennan, S Bolsover
European Journal of Neuroscience 26 (9), 2496-2505, 2007
Anteroposterior patterning is required within segments for somite boundary formation in developing zebrafish
L Durbin, P Sordino, A Barrios, M Gering, C Thisse, B Thisse, C Brennan, ...
Development 127 (8), 1703-1713, 2000
Eph signalling functions downstream of Val to regulate cell sorting and boundary formation in the caudal hindbrain
J Cooke, C Moens, L Roth, L Durbin, K Shiomi, C Brennan, C Kimmel, ...
Development 128 (4), 571-580, 2001
Requirement for the zebrafish mid-hindbrain boundary in midbrain polarisation, mapping and confinement of the retinotectal projection
A Picker, C Brennan, F Reifers, JD Clarke, N Holder, M Brand
Development 126 (13), 2967-2978, 1999
AGR2 is a novel surface antigen that promotes the dissemination of pancreatic cancer cells through regulation of cathepsins B and D
L Dumartin, HJ Whiteman, ME Weeks, D Hariharan, B Dmitrovic, ...
Cancer research 71 (22), 7091-7102, 2011
Housing conditions differentially affect physiological and behavioural stress responses of zebrafish, as well as the response to anxiolytics
MO Parker, ME Millington, FJ Combe, CH Brennan
PloS one 7 (4), 2012
Modular ‘click’sensors for zinc and their application in vivo
K Jobe, CH Brennan, M Motevalli, SM Goldup, M Watkinson
Chemical Communications 47 (21), 6036-6038, 2011
Accumulation of the inhibitory receptor EphA4 may prevent regeneration of corticospinal tract axons following lesion
J Fabes, P Anderson, RJ Yáñez‐Muñoz, A Thrasher, C Brennan, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 23 (7), 1721-1730, 2006
Morphogenesis of prechordal plate and notochord requires intact Eph/ephrin B signaling
J Chan, JD Mably, FC Serluca, JN Chen, NB Goldstein, MC Thomas, ...
Developmental biology 234 (2), 470-482, 2001
Genetic regulation of dihydropyridine-sensitive calcium channels in brain may determine susceptibility to physical dependence on alcohol
CH Brennan, J Crabbe, JM Littleton
Neuropharmacology 29 (5), 429-432, 1990
The AMP‐activated Protein Kinase Gene is Highly Expressed in Rat Skeletal Muscle: Alternative Splicing and Tissue Distribution of the mRNA
AJM Verhoeven, A Woods, CH Brennan, SA Hawley, DG Hardie, J Scott, ...
European journal of biochemistry 228 (2), 236-243, 1995
An early developmental role for eph-ephrin interaction during vertebrate gastrulation
AC Oates, M Lackmann, MA Power, C Brennan, LM Down, C Do, B Evans, ...
Mechanisms of development 83 (1-2), 77-94, 1999
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