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Map-projection-independent crater size-frequency determination in GIS environments—New software tool for ArcGIS
T Kneissl, S van Gasselt, G Neukum
Planetary and Space Science 59 (11-12), 1243-1254, 2011
HRSC: The high resolution stereo camera of Mars Express
G Neukum, R Jaumann
In: Mars Express: the scientific payload. Ed. by Andrew Wilson, scientific …, 2004
Recent and episodic volcanic and glacial activity on Mars revealed by the High Resolution Stereo Camera
G Neukum, R Jaumann, H Hoffmann, E Hauber, JW Head, AT Basilevsky, ...
Nature 432 (7020), 971-979, 2004
The high-resolution stereo camera (HRSC) experiment on Mars Express: Instrument aspects and experiment conduct from interplanetary cruise through the nominal mission
R Jaumann, G Neukum, T Behnke, TC Duxbury, K Eichentopf, J Flohrer, ...
Planetary and Space Science 55 (7-8), 928-952, 2007
Tropical to mid-latitude snow and ice accumulation, flow and glaciation on Mars
JW Head, G Neukum, R Jaumann, H Hiesinger, E Hauber, M Carr, ...
Nature 434 (7031), 346-351, 2005
Evidence from the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera for a frozen sea close to Mars' equator
JB Murray, JP Muller, G Neukum, SC Werner, S van Gasselt, E Hauber, ...
Nature 434 (7031), 352-356, 2005
Automated crater detection, a new tool for Mars cartography and chronology
JR Kim, JP Muller, S van Gasselt, JG Morley, G Neukum
Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing 71 (10), 1205-1217, 2005
Large‐scale spring deposits on Mars?
AP Rossi, G Neukum, M Pondrelli, S Van Gasselt, T Zegers, E Hauber, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 113 (E8), 2008
Absolute dune ages and implications for the time of formation of gullies in Nirgal Vallis, Mars
D Reiss, S Van Gasselt, G Neukum, R Jaumann
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 109 (E6), 2004
Deposition and degradation of a volatile‐rich layer in Utopia Planitia and implications for climate history on Mars
A Morgenstern, E Hauber, D Reiss, S van Gasselt, G Grosse, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 112 (E6), 2007
The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) of Mars Express and its approach to science analysis and mapping for Mars and its satellites
K Gwinner, R Jaumann, E Hauber, H Hoffmann, C Heipke, J Oberst, ...
Planetary and Space Science 126, 93-138, 2016
Discovery of a flank caldera and very young glacial activity at Hecates Tholus, Mars
E Hauber, S van Gasselt, B Ivanov, S Werner, JW Head, G Neukum, ...
Nature 434 (7031), 356-361, 2005
Characterisation of potential landing sites for the European Space Agency's Lunar Lander project
D De Rosa, B Bussey, JT Cahill, T Lutz, IA Crawford, T Hackwill, ...
Planetary and space science 74 (1), 224-246, 2012
The geologic evolution of Mars: Episodicity of resurfacing events and ages from cratering analysis of image data and correlation with radiometric ages of Martian meteorites
G Neukum, AT Basilevsky, T Kneissl, MG Chapman, S Van Gasselt, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 294 (3-4), 204-222, 2010
Geomorphic evidence for former lobate debris aprons at low latitudes on Mars: Indicators of the Martian paleoclimate
E Hauber, S van Gasselt, MG Chapman, G Neukum
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 113 (E2), 2008
Mud volcanoes in the geologic record of Mars: The case of Firsoff crater
M Pondrelli, AP Rossi, GG Ori, S Van Gasselt, D Praeg, S Ceramicola
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 304 (3-4), 511-519, 2011
Distribution and orientation of northern-hemisphere gullies on Mars from the evaluation of HRSC and MOC-NA data
T Kneissl, D Reiss, S Van Gasselt, G Neukum
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 294 (3-4), 357-367, 2010
Landscape evolution in Martian mid-latitude regions: insights from analogous periglacial landforms in Svalbard
E Hauber, D Reiss, M Ulrich, F Preusker, F Trauthan, M Zanetti, ...
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 356 (1), 111-131, 2011
Geologically recent tectonic, volcanic and fluvial activity on the eastern flank of the Olympus Mons volcano, Mars
AT Basilevsky, SC Werner, G Neukum, JW Head, S Van Gasselt, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 33 (13), 2006
Implementation of cartographic symbols for planetary mapping in geographic information systems
A Nass, S van Gasselt, R Jaumann, H Asche
Planetary and Space Science 59 (11-12), 1255-1264, 2011
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