Jakob Neef
Jakob Neef
University Medical Center Goettingen
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GaN-based micro-LED arrays on flexible substrates for optical cochlear implants
C Goßler, C Bierbrauer, R Moser, M Kunzer, K Holc, W Pletschen, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47 (20), 205401, 2014
Organization of the olfactory pathway and odor processing in the antennal lobe of the ant Camponotus floridanus
C Zube, CJ Kleineidam, S Kirschner, J Neef, W Rössler
The Journal of comparative neurology 506 (3), 425-441, 2008
Exocytosis at the hair cell ribbon synapse apparently operates without neuronal SNARE proteins
R Nouvian, J Neef, AV Bulankina, E Reisinger, T Pangršič, T Frank, ...
Nature neuroscience 14 (4), 411-413, 2011
Probing the functional equivalence of otoferlin and synaptotagmin 1 in exocytosis
E Reisinger, C Bresee, J Neef, R Nair, K Reuter, A Bulankina, R Nouvian, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (13), 4886-4895, 2011
Ca2+‐binding proteins tune Ca2+‐feedback to Cav1. 3 channels in mouse auditory hair cells
G Cui, AC Meyer, I Calin‐Jageman, J Neef, F Haeseleer, T Moser, A Lee
The Journal of Physiology 585 (3), 791-803, 2007
Disruption of adaptor protein 2μ (AP‐2μ) in cochlear hair cells impairs vesicle reloading of synaptic release sites and hearing
SY Jung, T Maritzen, C Wichmann, Z Jing, A Neef, NH Revelo, ...
The EMBO journal 34 (21), 2686-2702, 2015
The Ca2+ channel subunit β2 regulates Ca2+ channel abundance and function in inner hair cells and is required for hearing
J Neef, A Gehrt, AV Bulankina, AC Meyer, D Riedel, RG Gregg, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (34), 10730-10740, 2009
The synaptic ribbon is critical for sound encoding at high rates and with temporal precision
P Jean, D Lopez de la Morena, S Michanski, LM Jaime Tobón, ...
Elife 7, e29275, 2018
Uniquantal release through a dynamic fusion pore is a candidate mechanism of hair cell exocytosis
NM Chapochnikov, H Takago, CH Huang, T Pangršič, D Khimich, J Neef, ...
Neuron 83 (6), 1389-1403, 2014
Ephrin-A5/EphA4 signalling controls specific afferent targeting to cochlear hair cells
J Defourny, AL Poirrier, F Lallemend, S Mateo Sánchez, J Neef, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1438, 2013
Unconventional molecular regulation of synaptic vesicle replenishment in cochlear inner hair cells
C Vogl, BH Cooper, J Neef, SM Wojcik, K Reim, E Reisinger, N Brose, ...
Journal of cell science 128 (4), 638-644, 2015
Quantitative optical nanophysiology of Ca2+ signaling at inner hair cell active zones
J Neef, NT Urban, TL Ohn, T Frank, P Jean, SW Hell, KI Willig, T Moser
Nature communications 9 (1), 290, 2018
Emerging approaches for restoration of hearing and vision
S Kleinlogel, C Vogl, M Jeschke, J Neef, T Moser
Physiological reviews 100 (4), 1467-1525, 2020
The mechanosensory structure of the hair cell requires clarin-1, a protein encoded by Usher syndrome III causative gene
R Geng, S Melki, DHC Chen, G Tian, DN Furness, T Oshima-Takago, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (28), 9485-9498, 2012
Modes and regulation of endocytic membrane retrieval in mouse auditory hair cells
J Neef, SY Jung, AB Wong, K Reuter, T Pangršič, R Chakrabarti, S Kügler, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 34 (3), 705-716, 2014
Endophilin‐A regulates presynaptic Ca2+ influx and synaptic vesicle recycling in auditory hair cells
J Kroll, LM Jaime Tobón, C Vogl, J Neef, I Kondratiuk, M König, ...
The EMBO Journal 38 (5), e100116, 2019
Axial Tubule Junctions Activate Atrial Ca2+ Release Across Species
S Brandenburg, J Pawlowitz, FE Fakuade, D Kownatzki-Danger, T Kohl, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 9, 1227, 2018
Electron microscopic reconstruction of neural circuitry in the cochlea
Y Hua, X Ding, H Wang, F Wang, Y Lu, J Neef, Y Gao, T Moser, H Wu
Cell Reports 34 (1), 2021
Resolving the molecular architecture of the photoreceptor active zone with 3D-MINFLUX
CP Grabner, I Jansen, J Neef, T Weihs, R Schmidt, D Riedel, CA Wurm, ...
Science Advances 8 (28), eabl7560, 2022
Optogenetics and electron tomography for structure-function analysis of cochlear ribbon synapses
R Chakrabarti, LMJ Tobón, L Slitin, MR Canales, G Hoch, M Slashcheva, ...
Elife 11, e79494, 2022
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