Alexander F. Mason
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Hierarchical self-assembly of a copolymer-stabilized coacervate protocell
AF Mason, BC Buddingh’, DS Williams, JCM Van Hest
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The hallmarks of living systems: towards creating artificial cells
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E Magdalena Estirado, AF Mason, MA Alemán García, JCM van Hest, ...
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Optimising the synthesis, polymer membrane encapsulation and photoreduction performance of Ru (II)-and Ir (III)-bis (terpyridine) cytochrome c bioconjugates
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MHME van Stevendaal, JCM van Hest, AF Mason
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Choice of Capping Group in Tripeptide Hydrogels Influences Viability in the Three‐Dimensional Cell Culture of Tumor Spheroids
JP Wojciechowski, AD Martin, AF Mason, CM Fife, SM Sagnella, ...
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Tuning Size and Morphology of mPEG-b-p(HPMA-Bz) Copolymer Self-Assemblies Using Microfluidics
J Bresseleers, M Bagheri, C Lebleu, S Lecommandoux, O Sandre, ...
Polymers 12 (11), 2572, 2020
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