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Prediction of phylogeographic endemism in an environmentally complex biome
AC Carnaval, E Waltari, MT Rodrigues, D Rosauer, J VanDerWal, ...
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A mid‐Pleistocene rainforest corridor enabled synchronous invasions of the Atlantic Forest by Amazonian anole lizards
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Biogeographic links between southern Atlantic Forest and western South America: rediscovery, re-description, and phylogenetic relationships of two rare montane anole lizards …
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Dehydration Hardly Slows Hopping Toads (Rhinella granulosa) from Xeric and Mesic Environments
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Phylogeography and historical demography of the arboreal pit viper Bothrops bilineatus (Serpentes, Crotalinae) reveal multiple connections between Amazonian and Atlantic …
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Reconquering the water: Evolution and systematics of South and Central American aquatic lizards (Gymnophthalmidae)
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Discovery of a new species of Anolis lizards from Brazil and its implications for the historical biogeography of montane Atlantic Forest endemics
I Prates, PR Melo-Sampaio, K de Queiroz, AC Carnaval, MT Rodrigues, ...
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Phylogenetic relationships and systematics of the Amazonian poison frog genus Ameerega using ultraconserved genomic elements
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Rain forest shifts through time and riverine barriers shaped the diversification of South American terrestrial pit vipers (Bothrops jararacussu species group)
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A new nurse frog from southwestern Amazonian highlands, with notes on the phylogenetic affinities of Allobates alessandroi (Aromobatidae)
P Melo-Sampaio, I Prates, PLV Peloso, R Recoder, F Dal Vechio, ...
Journal of Natural History, 2020
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