Dr. Christian Tetzlaff
Dr. Christian Tetzlaff
Bernstein Fellow; University of Goettingen
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Self-organized criticality in developing neuronal networks
C Tetzlaff, S Okujeni, U Egert, F Wörgötter, M Butz
PLoS Comput. Biol 6 (12), e1001013, 2010
Time scales of memory, learning, and plasticity
C Tetzlaff, C Kolodziejski, I Markelic, F Wörgötter
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Synaptic scaling in combination with many generic plasticity mechanisms stabilizes circuit connectivity
C Tetzlaff, C Kolodziejski, M Timme, F Wörgötter
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Opposing Effects of Neuronal Activity on Structural Plasticity
M Fauth, C Tetzlaff
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M Fauth, F Wörgötter, C Tetzlaff
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Synaptic scaling enables dynamically distinct short- and long-term memory formation
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Frontiers in computational neuroscience 6, 2012
The Use of Hebbian Cell Assemblies for Nonlinear Computation
C Tetzlaff, S Dasgupta, T Kulvicius, F Wörgötter
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Fast Dynamical Coupling Enhances Frequency Adaptation of Oscillators for Robotic Locomotion Control
T Nachstedt, C Tetzlaff, P Manoonpong
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Formation and maintenance of robust long-term information storage in the presence of synaptic turnover
M Fauth, F Wörgötter, C Tetzlaff
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Working Memory Requires a Combination of Transient and Attractor-Dominated Dynamics to Process Unreliably Timed Inputs
T Nachstedt, C Tetzlaff
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Synaptic plasticity in a recurrent neural network for versatile and adaptive behaviors of a walking robot
E Grinke, C Tetzlaff, F Wörgötter, P Manoonpong
Frontiers in neurorobotics 9, 11, 2015
Induction and Consolidation of Calcium-Based Homo-and Heterosynaptic Potentiation and Depression
Y Li, T Kulvicius, C Tetzlaff
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Modeling the shape of synaptic spines by their actin dynamics
M Bonilla-Quintana, F Wörgötter, C Tetzlaff, M Fauth
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A theoretical framework to derive simple, firing-rate-dependent mathematical models of synaptic plasticity
J Lappalainen, J Herpich, C Tetzlaff
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 13, 26, 2019
Robust robotic control on the neuromorphic research chip Loihi
C Michaelis, AB Lehr, C Tetzlaff
arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.11642, 2020
The interplay of synaptic plasticity and scaling enables self-organized formation and allocation of multiple memory representations
JM Auth, T Nachstedt, C Tetzlaff
Frontiers in neural circuits 14, 2020
Neural Computation in Embodied Closed-Loop Systems for the Generation of Complex Behavior: From Biology to Technology
P Manoonpong, C Tetzlaff
Frontiers in Neurorobotics 12, 53, 2018
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