Helena Maura Torezan-Silingardi
Helena Maura Torezan-Silingardi
Instituto de Biologia, Universidade Federal de Uberlandia,
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Loss and gains in ant–plant interactions mediated by extrafloral nectar: fidelity, cheats, and lies
K Del-Claro, V Rico-Gray, HM Torezan-Silingardi, E Alves-Silva, ...
Insectes Sociaux 63, 207-221, 2016
Conditional outcomes in ant–plant–herbivore interactions influenced by sequential flowering
AA Vilela, HM Torezan-Silingardi, K Del-Claro
Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 209 (7), 359-366, 2014
Insect-plant interactions: new pathways to a better comprehension of ecological communities in Neotropical savannas
K Del-Claro, HM Torezan-Silingardi
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Do ant visitors to extrafloral nectaries of plants repel pollinators and cause an indirect cost of mutualism?
MA Assunção, HM Torezan-Silingardi, K Del-Claro
Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 209 (5-6), 244-249, 2014
Ecologia das interações plantas-animais: Uma abordagem ecológico-evolutiva
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Climate changes affecting biotic interactions, phenology, and reproductive success in a savanna community over a 10-year period
AA Vilela, VTS Del Claro, HM Torezan-Silingardi, K Del-Claro
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Foraging behavior of Brachygastra lecheguana (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) on Banisteriopsis malifolia (Malpighiaceae): Extrafloral nectar consumption and …
E Alves‐Silva, GJ Barônio, HM Torezan‐Silingardi, K Del‐Claro
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Implications of the floral herbivory on Malpighiacea plant fitness: visual aspect of the flower affects the attractiveness to pollinators
CA Ferreira, HM Torezan-Silingardi
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K Del-Claro, D Rodriguez-Morales, ES Calixto, AS Martins, ...
Annals of Botany 123 (7), 1159-1165, 2019
Behavior of visitors and reproductive biology of Campomanesia pubescens(Myrtaceae) in cerrado vegetation
HM Torezan-Silingardi, K Del-Claro
Ciencia e Cultura(Sao Paulo) 50 (4), 281-283, 1998
Beneficial Effects of Ants and Spiders on the Reproductive Value of Eriotheca gracilipes (Malvaceae) in a Tropical Savanna
V Stefani, TL Pires, HM Torezan-Silingardi, K Del-Claro
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Predatory behavior of Pachodynerus brevithorax (Hymenoptera: Vespidae, Eumeninae) on endophytic herbivore beetles in the Brazilian tropical savanna
HM Torezan-Silingardi
Sociobiology 57 (1), 181, 2011
Phenology and reproductive ecology of Myrcia rostrata and M. tomentosa (Myrtaceae) in Central Brazil.
HM Torezan-Silingardi, P Oliveira
Ant–herbivore interactions in an extrafloral nectaried plant: are ants good plant guards against curculionid beetles?
E Alves-Silva, A Bächtold, GJ Barônio, HM Torezan-Silingardi, ...
Journal of natural history 49 (13-14), 841-851, 2015
Optimal defense theory in an ant–plant mutualism: extrafloral nectar as an induced defence is maximized in the most valuable plant structures
ES Calixto, D Lange, J Bronstein, HM Torezan‐Silingardi, K Del‐Claro
Journal of Ecology 109 (1), 167-178, 2021
Ants visiting the post-floral secretions of pericarpial nectaries in Palicourea rigida (Rubiaceae) provide protection against leaf herbivores but not against seed parasites
K Del-Claro, R Guillermo-Ferreira, H Zardini, EM Almeida, ...
Sociobiology 60 (3), 217-221, 2013
The effects of ants on pest control: a meta-analysis
DV Anjos, A Tena, AB Viana-Junior, RL Carvalho, H Torezan-Silingardi, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 289 (1981), 20221316, 2022
Pollination of Adenocalymma bracteatum (Bignoniaceae): floral biology and visitors
S Almeida-Soares, LP Polatto, J Dutra, HM Torezan-Silingardi
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The complex ant–plant relationship within tropical ecological networks
K Del-Claro, D Lange, HM Torezan-Silingardi, DV Anjos, ES Calixto, ...
Ecological networks in the tropics: an integrative overview of species …, 2018
The importance of natural history studies for a better comprehension of animal-plant interaction networks
K Del-Claro, V Stefani, D Lange, AA Vilela, L Nahas, M Velasques, ...
Biosci. j.(Online), 439-448, 2013
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