Sabareesh K P Velu
Sabareesh K P Velu
Dean - Research & Development, Rathinam College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore
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Disorder-mediated crowd control in an active matter system
E Pinçe, SKP Velu, A Callegari, P Elahi, S Gigan, G Volpe, G Volpe
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-8, 2016
Characterization of strain recovery and “self-healing” in a self-assembled metallo-gel
P Terech, M Yan, M Maréchal, G Royal, J Galvez, SKP Velu
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (19), 7338-7344, 2013
Salt effects in the formation of self-assembled lithocholate helical ribbons and tubes
P Terech, S KP Velu, P Pernot, L Wiegart
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (36), 11344-11355, 2012
Colloidal assemblies of oriented maghemite nanocrystals and their NMR relaxometric properties
A Kostopoulou, SKP Velu, K Thangavel, F Orsini, K Brintakis, ...
Dalton Transactions 43 (22), 8395-8404, 2014
How to measure the optical thickness of scattering particles from the phase delay of scattered waves: application to turbid samples
MAC Potenza, KPV Sabareesh, M Carpineti, MD Alaimo, M Giglio
Physical review letters 105 (19), 193901, 2010
NMR-D study of the local spin dynamics and magnetic anisotropy in different nearly monodispersed ferrite nanoparticles
L Bordonali, T Kalaivani, KPV Sabareesh, C Innocenti, E Fantechi, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25 (6), 066008, 2013
Active matter alters the growth dynamics of coffee rings
T Andac, P Weigmann, SKP Velu, E Pinçe, G Volpe, G Volpe, A Callegari
Soft Matter 15 (7), 1488-1496, 2019
Fluorescent and paramagnetic core–shell hybrid nanoparticles for bi-modal magnetic resonance/luminescence imaging
W Di, SKP Velu, A Lascialfari, C Liu, N Pinna, P Arosio, Y Sakka, W Qin
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (38), 20641-20648, 2012
Hierarchical aggregation mechanism in heat-set metallosupramolecular gels using a tritopic functional ligand exhibiting temperature-triggered cis-to-trans molecular conversions
M Yan, SKP Velu, M Maréchal, G Royal, J Galvez, P Terech
Soft Matter 9 (17), 4428-4436, 2013
Spontaneous formation of artificial vesicles in organic media through hydrogen-bonding interactions
SKP Velu, M Yan, KP Tseng, KT Wong, DM Bassani, P Terech
Macromolecules 46 (4), 1591-1598, 2013
Dynamics of Deinococcus radiodurans under controlled growth conditions
SS Jena, HM Joshi, KPV Sabareesh, BVR Tata, TS Rao
Biophysical journal 91 (7), 2699-2707, 2006
Clustering of Janus particles in an optical potential driven by hydrodynamic fluxes
SM Mousavi, I Kasianiuk, D Kasyanyuk, SKP Velu, A Callegari, ...
Soft matter 15 (28), 5748-5759, 2019
Dynamic light scattering studies on photo polymerized and chemically cross-linked polyacrylamide hydrogels
KPV Sabareesh, SS Jena, BVR Tata
AIP Conference Proceedings 832, 307-310, 2006
Spin dynamics in the single-ion magnet [Er (W 5 O 18) 2] 9−
M Mariani, F Borsa, MJ Graf, S Sanna, M Filibian, T Orlando, ...
Physical Review B 97 (14), 144414, 2018
Ordering of binary colloidal crystals by random potentials
AS Nunes, SKP Velu, I Kasianiuk, D Kasyanyuk, A Callegari, G Volpe, ...
Soft Matter 16 (17), 4267-4273, 2020
Metallosupramolecular thin films using a tritopic cyclam-based ligand
M Yan, SKP Velu, G Royal, P Terech
Journal of colloid and interface science 399, 6-12, 2013
Low-field spin dynamics of Cr7Ni and Cr7Ni−Cu−Cr7Ni molecular rings as detected by μSR
S Sanna, P Arosio, L Bordonali, F Adelnia, M Mariani, E Garlatti, C Baines, ...
Physical Review B 96 (18), 184403, 2017
Low temperature spin dynamics in Cr7Ni-Cu-Cr7Ni coupled molecular rings
L Bordonali, Y Furukawa, M Mariani, KPV Sabareesh, E Garlatti, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (17), 17E102, 2014
Speckle tweezers for manipulation of high and low refractive index micro-particles and nano-particle loaded vesicles
R Jamali, F Nazari, A Ghaffari, SKP Velu, AR Moradi
Nanophotonics 10 (11), 2915–2928, 2021
Threshold effect on particle tracking algorithms
H Yücel, SKP Velu
AIP Conference Proceedings 2042 (1), 020004, 2018
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