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Mechanism of gating and partial agonist action in the glycine receptor
J Yu, H Zhu, R Lape, T Greiner, J Du, W Lü, L Sivilotti, E Gouaux
Cell 184 (4), 957-968. e21, 2021
Ion channel activity of HIV-1 Vpu is dispensable for counteraction of CD317
S Bolduan, J Votteler, V Lodermeyer, T Greiner, H Koppensteiner, ...
Virology 416 (1-2), 75-85, 2011
Agonist and antagonist binding in human glycine receptors
R Yu, E Hurdiss, T Greiner, R Lape, L Sivilotti, PC Biggin
Biochemistry 53 (38), 6041-6051, 2014
Chlorovirus-Mediated Membrane Depolarization of Chlorella Alters Secondary Active Transport of Solutes
I Agarkova, D Dunigan, J Gurnon, T Greiner, J Barres, G Thiel, ...
Journal of virology 82 (24), 12181-12190, 2008
Chlorella viruses prevent multiple infections by depolarizing the host membrane
T Greiner, F Frohns, M Kang, JL Van Etten, A Käsmann, A Moroni, ...
The Journal of general virology 90 (Pt 8), 2033, 2009
Functional HAK/KUP/KT‐like potassium transporter encoded by chlorella viruses
T Greiner, J Ramos, MC Alvarez, JR Gurnon, M Kang, JL Van Etten, ...
The Plant Journal 68 (6), 977-986, 2011
Identification of Intrahelical Bifurcated H-Bonds as a New Type of Gate in K+ Channels
O Rauh, M Urban, LM Henkes, T Winterstein, T Greiner, JL Van Etten, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (22), 7494-7503, 2017
Phycodnavirus potassium ion channel proteins question the virus molecular piracy hypothesis
K Hamacher, T Greiner, H Ogata, JL Van Etten, M Gebhardt, LP Villarreal, ...
PLoS One 7 (6), e38826, 2012
Genes for membrane transport proteins: not so rare in viruses
T Greiner, A Moroni, JL Van Etten, G Thiel
Viruses 10 (9), 456, 2018
A functional calcium-transporting ATPase encoded by chlorella viruses
MC Bonza, H Martin, M Kang, G Lewis, T Greiner, S Giacometti, ...
Journal of general virology 91 (10), 2620-2629, 2010
Relevance of lysine snorkeling in the outer transmembrane domain of small viral potassium ion channels
M Gebhardt, LM Henkes, S Tayefeh, B Hertel, T Greiner, JL Van Etten, ...
Biochemistry 51 (28), 5571-5579, 2012
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome: evaluation of drug safety data from the AMSP program during 1993–2015
M Schneider, J Regente, T Greiner, S Lensky, S Bleich, S Toto, ...
European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience 270, 23-33, 2020
Severe weight gain as an adverse drug reaction of psychotropics: Data from the AMSP project between 2001 and 2016
M Schneider, P Pauwels, S Toto, S Bleich, R Grohmann, M Heinze, ...
European Neuropsychopharmacology 36, 60-71, 2020
Priapism induced by various psychotropics: A case series
T Greiner, M Schneider, J Regente, S Toto, S Bleich, R Grohmann, ...
The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry 20 (6), 505-512, 2019
Ion channel activity of Vpu proteins is conserved throughout evolution of HIV-1 and SIV
T Greiner, S Bolduan, B Hertel, C Groß, K Hamacher, U Schubert, ...
Viruses 8 (12), 325, 2016
Large dsDNA chloroviruses encode diverse membrane transport proteins
G Thiel, T Greiner, DD Dunigan, A Moroni, JL Van Etten
Virology 479, 38-45, 2015
Psychotropic drug-induced hyponatremia: results from a drug surveillance program–an update
J Seifert, M Letmaier, T Greiner, M Schneider, M Deest, CK Eberlein, ...
Journal of Neural Transmission 128 (8), 1249-1264, 2021
The startle disease mutation E103K impairs activation of human homomeric α1 glycine receptors by disrupting an intersubunit salt bridge across the agonist binding site
F Safar, E Hurdiss, M Erotocritou, T Greiner, R Lape, MW Irvine, G Fang, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 292 (12), 5031-5042, 2017
Chlorella viruses prevent multiple infections by membrane depolarization of the host
T Greiner, F Frohns, M Kang, JL Van Etten, A Käsmann, A Moroni, ...
J. Gen. Virol 90, 2033-2039, 2009
Pharmacotherapy of 1,044 inpatients with posttraumatic stress disorder: current status and trends in German-speaking countries
MA Reinhard, J Seifert, T Greiner, S Toto, S Bleich, R Grohmann
European archives of psychiatry and clinical neuroscience 271 (6), 1065-1076, 2021
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