Robert Streubel
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Catalytic Janus motors on microfluidic chip: deterministic motion for targeted cargo delivery
L Baraban, D Makarov, R Streubel, I Monch, D Grimm, S Sanchez, ...
ACS nano 6 (4), 3383-3389, 2012
Fuel-free locomotion of janus motors: magnetically induced thermophoresis
L Baraban, R Streubel, D Makarov, L Han, D Karnaushenko, OG Schmidt, ...
ACS nano 7 (2), 1360-1367, 2013
Three-dimensional nanomagnetism
A Fernández-Pacheco, R Streubel, O Fruchart, R Hertel, P Fischer, ...
Nature Communications 8, 15756, 2017
Magnetism in curved geometries
R Streubel, P Fischer, F Kronast, VP Kravchuk, DD Sheka, Y Gaididei, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (36), 363001, 2016
Magnetic Microstructure of Rolled‐Up Single‐Layer Ferromagnetic Nanomembranes
R Streubel, J Lee, D Makarov, MY Im, D Karnaushenko, L Han, R Schäfer, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (2), 316-323, 2014
Printable giant magnetoresistive devices
D Karnaushenko, D Makarov, C Yan, R Streubel, OG Schmidt
Advanced Materials 24 (33), 4518-4522, 2012
Equilibrium magnetic states in individual hemispherical permalloy caps
R Streubel, VP Kravchuk, DD Sheka, D Makarov, F Kronast, OG Schmidt, ...
Applied Physics Letters 101 (13), 132419, 2012
Retrieving spin textures on curved magnetic thin films with full-field soft X-ray microscopies
R Streubel, F Kronast, P Fischer, D Parkinson, OG Schmidt, D Makarov
Nature communications 6, 7612, 2015
Strain-mediated elastic coupling in magnetoelectric nickel/barium-titanate heterostructures
R Streubel, D Köhler, R Schäfer, LM Eng
Physical Review B 87 (5), 054410, 2013
Magnetically capped rolled-up nanomembranes
R Streubel, DJ Thurmer, D Makarov, F Kronast, T Kosub, V Kravchuk, ...
Nano letters 12 (8), 3961-3966, 2012
Out-of-surface vortices in spherical shells
VP Kravchuk, DD Sheka, R Streubel, D Makarov, OG Schmidt, Y Gaididei
Physical Review B 85 (14), 144433, 2012
Magnetic vortices on closely packed spherically curved surfaces
R Streubel, D Makarov, F Kronast, V Kravchuk, M Albrecht, OG Schmidt
Physical Review B 85 (17), 174429, 2012
Imaging of buried 3D magnetic rolled-up nanomembranes
R Streubel, L Han, F Kronast, AA Ünal, OG Schmidt, D Makarov
Nano letters 14 (7), 3981-3986, 2014
Manipulating topological states by imprinting non-collinear spin textures
R Streubel, L Han, MY Im, F Kronast, UK Rößler, F Radu, R Abrudan, ...
Scientific reports 5, 8787, 2015
Nanosecond x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy on magnetic skyrmions
MH Seaberg, B Holladay, JCT Lee, M Sikorski, AH Reid, SA Montoya, ...
Physical review letters 119 (6), 067403, 2017
Magnetization dynamics of imprinted non-collinear spin textures
R Streubel, P Fischer, M Kopte, OG Schmidt, D Makarov
Applied Physics Letters 107 (11), 112406, 2015
Magnetically patterned rolled-up exchange bias tubes: a paternoster for superparamagnetic beads
T Ueltzhöffer, R Streubel, I Koch, D Holzinger, D Makarov, OG Schmidt, ...
ACS nano 10 (9), 8491-8498, 2016
Rolled-up permalloy nanomembranes with multiple windings
R Streubel, D Makarov, J Lee, C MüLler, M Melzer, R SchäFer, ...
Spin 3 (03), 1340001, 2013
Reconfigurable large-area magnetic vortex circulation patterns
R Streubel, F Kronast, UK Rößler, OG Schmidt, D Makarov
Physical Review B 92 (10), 104431, 2015
Vortex circulation and polarity patterns in closely packed cap arrays
R Streubel, F Kronast, CF Reiche, T Mühl, AUB Wolter, OG Schmidt, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (4), 042407, 2016
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