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Studying physics during the COVID-19 pandemic: Student assessments of learning achievement, perceived effectiveness of online recitations, and online laboratories
P Klein, L Ivanjek, MN Dahlkemper, K Jeličić, MA Geyer, S Küchemann, ...
Physical review physics education research 17 (1), 010117, 2021
Classical experiments revisited: smartphones and tablet PCs as experimental tools in acoustics and optics
P Klein, M Hirth, S Gröber, J Kuhn, A Müller
Physics Education 49 (4), 412, 2014
Using mobile devices to enhance inquiry-based learning processes
S Becker, P Klein, A Gößling, J Kuhn
Learning and Instruction 69, 101350, 2020
Physics holo. lab learning experience: using smartglasses for augmented reality labwork to foster the concepts of heat conduction
MP Strzys, S Kapp, M Thees, P Klein, P Lukowicz, P Knierim, A Schmidt, ...
European Journal of Physics 39 (3), 035703, 2018
Using smartphones as experimental tools—a follow-up: cognitive effects by video analysis and reduction of cognitive load by multiple representations
K Hochberg, S Becker, M Louis, P Klein, J Kuhn
Journal of Science Education and Technology 29, 303-317, 2020
Assessment of representational competence in kinematics
P Klein, A Müller, J Kuhn
Physical Review Physics Education Research 13 (1), 010132, 2017
Instruction-based clinical eye-tracking study on the visual interpretation of divergence: How do students look at vector field plots?
P Klein, J Viiri, S Mozaffari, A Dengel, J Kuhn
Physical Review Physics Education Research 14 (1), 010116, 2018
Video analysis of projectile motion using tablet computers as experimental tools
P Klein, S Gröber, J Kuhn, A Müller
Physics Education 49 (1), 37, 2014
Visual cues improve students’ understanding of divergence and curl: Evidence from eye movements during reading and problem solving
P Klein, J Viiri, J Kuhn
Physical Review Physics Education Research 15 (1), 010126, 2019
Video analysis exercises in regular introductory physics courses: Effects of conventional methods and possibilities of mobile devices
P Klein, J Kuhn, A Müller, S Gröber
Multidisciplinary research on teaching and learning, 270-288, 2015
Student understanding of graph slope and area under a curve: A replication study comparing first-year physics and economics students
P Klein, S Küchemann, S Brückner, O Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, J Kuhn
Physical Review Physics Education Research 15 (2), 020116, 2019
Video analysis on tablet computers to investigate effects of air resistance
S Becker, P Klein, J Kuhn
The Physics Teacher 54 (7), 440-441, 2016
Video-based problems in introductory mechanics physics courses
S Gröber, P Klein, J Kuhn
European Journal of Physics 35 (5), 055019, 2014
Visual attention while solving the test of understanding graphs in kinematics: an eye-tracking analysis
P Klein, A Lichtenberger, S Küchemann, S Becker, M Kekule, J Viiri, ...
European Journal of Physics 41 (2), 025701, 2020
Eye tracking in physics education research: A systematic literature review
L Hahn, P Klein
Physical Review Physics Education Research 18 (1), 013102, 2022
Investigating dynamic visualizations of multiple representations using mobile video analysis in physics lessons: effects on emotion, cognitive load and conceptual understanding
S Becker, P Klein, A Gößling, J Kuhn
Zeitschrift für Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften 26 (1), 123-142, 2020
Förderung von Repräsentationskompetenz und Experimentbezug in den vorlesungsbegleitenden Übungen zur Experimentalphysik
P Klein, J Kuhn, A Müller
Students’ understanding of non-inertial frames of reference
S Küchemann, P Klein, H Fouckhardt, S Gröber, J Kuhn
Physical Review Physics Education Research 16 (1), 010112, 2020
Entropy based transition analysis of eye movement on physics representational competence
SSM Chanijani, P Klein, SS Bukhari, J Kuhn, A Dengel
Proceedings of the 2016 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and …, 2016
How do physics students evaluate artificial intelligence responses on comprehension questions? A study on the perceived scientific accuracy and linguistic quality of ChatGPT
MN Dahlkemper, SZ Lahme, P Klein
Physical Review Physics Education Research 19 (1), 010142, 2023
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