Michel J. Grothe
Michel J. Grothe
Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla (IBiS)
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Multimodal imaging in Alzheimer's disease: validity and usefulness for early detection
S Teipel, A Drzezga, MJ Grothe, H Barthel, G Chételat, N Schuff, ...
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MJ Grothe, H Barthel, J Sepulcre, M Dyrba, O Sabri, SJ Teipel, ...
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SJ Teipel, M Grothe, S Lista, N Toschi, FG Garaci, H Hampel
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Convergent findings of altered functional and structural brain connectivity in individuals with high functioning autism: a multimodal MRI study
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Brain volumes differ between diagnostic groups of violent criminal offenders
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Spatial patterns of atrophy, hypometabolism, and amyloid deposition in Alzheimer's disease correspond to dissociable functional brain networks.
MJ Grothe, SJ Teipel
Human Brain Mapping, 2015
PETPVE12: an SPM toolbox for partial volume effects correction in brain PET–application to amyloid imaging with AV45-PET
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Fractional anisotropy changes in Alzheimer's disease depend on the underlying fiber tract architecture: a multiparametric DTI study using joint independent component analysis
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Neurogenetic contributions to amyloid beta and tau spreading in the human cortex
J Sepulcre, MJ Grothe, FO Uquillas, L Ortiz-Terán, I Diez, HS Yang, ...
Nature medicine 24 (12), 1910-1918, 2018
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