Kaj Hoernle
Kaj Hoernle
Prof. Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry, University of Kiel/GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre
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Deep roots of the Messinian salinity crisis
S Duggen, K Hoernle, P Van den Bogaard, L Rüpke, J Phipps Morgan
Nature 422 (6932), 602-606, 2003
Post-collisional transition from subduction-to intraplate-type magmatism in the westernmost Mediterranean: evidence for continental-edge delamination of subcontinental lithosphere
S Duggen, K Hoernle, P van den Bogaard, D Garbe-Schönberg
Journal of Petrology 46 (6), 1155-1201, 2005
Seismic and geochemical evidence for large-scale mantle upwelling beneath the eastern Atlantic and western and central Europe
KAJ Hoernle, YS Zhang, D Graham
Nature 374 (6517), 34-39, 1995
Geochemistry of oceanic carbonatites compared with continental carbonatites: mantle recycling of oceanic crustal carbonate
K Hoernle, G Tilton, MJ Le Bas, S Duggen, D Garbe-Schönberg
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 142 (5), 520-542, 2002
Constraints on mantle melting and composition and nature of slab components in volcanic arcs from volatiles (H2O, S, Cl, F) and trace elements in melt inclusions from the …
M Portnyagin, K Hoernle, P Plechov, N Mironov, S Khubunaya
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 255 (1-2), 53-69, 2007
Magmatic evolution of the Alboran region: The role of subduction in forming the western Mediterranean and causing the Messinian Salinity Crisis
S Duggen, K Hoernle, P van den Bogaard, C Harris
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 218 (1-2), 91-108, 2004
Hikurangi Plateau: Crustal structure, rifted formation, and Gondwana subduction history
B Davy, K Hoernle, R Werner
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 9 (7), 2008
Missing history (16–71 Ma) of the Galápagos hotspot: Implications for the tectonic and biological evolution of the Americas
K Hoernle, P van den Bogaard, R Werner, B Lissinna, F Hauff, G Alvarado, ...
Geology 30 (9), 795-798, 2002
The role of partial melting in the 15-Ma geochemical evolution of Gran Canaria: a blob model for the Canary hotspot
KAJ Hoernle, HU Schmincke
Journal of Petrology 34 (3), 599-626, 1993
Sr‐Nd‐Pb composition of Mesozoic Pacific oceanic crust (Site 1149 and 801, ODP Leg 185): Implications for alteration of ocean crust and the input into the Izu‐Bonin‐Mariana …
F Hauff, K Hoernle, A Schmidt
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 4 (8), 2003
Oxygen isotope evidence for slab melting in modern and ancient subduction zones
IN Bindeman, JM Eiler, GM Yogodzinski, Y Tatsumi, CR Stern, TL Grove, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 235 (3-4), 480-496, 2005
Arc-parallel flow in the mantle wedge beneath Costa Rica and Nicaragua
K Hoernle, DL Abt, KM Fischer, H Nichols, F Hauff, GA Abers, ...
Nature 451 (7182), 1094-1097, 2008
SrNdPb isotopic evolution of Gran Canaria: evidence for shallow enriched mantle beneath the Canary Islands
K Hoernle, G Tilton, HU Schmincke
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 106 (1-4), 44-63, 1991
Age and geochemistry of basaltic complexes in western Costa Rica: Contributions to the geotectonic evolution of Central America
F Hauff, K Hoernle, P van den Bogaard, G Alvarado, D Garbe‐Schönberg
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 1 (5), 2000
Cenozoic intraplate volcanism on New Zealand: Upwelling induced by lithospheric removal
K Hoernle, JDL White, P van den Bogaard, F Hauff, DS Coombs, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 248 (1-2), 350-367, 2006
New 40Ar/39Ar age and geochemical data from seamounts in the Canary and Madeira volcanic provinces: support for the mantle plume hypothesis
J Geldmacher, K Hoernle, PVD Bogaard, S Duggen, R Werner
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 237 (1-2), 85-101, 2005
70 my history (139–69 Ma) for the Caribbean large igneous province
K Hoernle, F Hauff, P van den Bogaard
Geology 32 (8), 697-700, 2004
Constraining the Jurassic extent of Greater India: Tectonic evolution of the West Australian margin
AD Gibbons, U Barckhausen, P van den Bogaard, K Hoernle, R Werner, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 13 (5), 2012
The 40Ar/39Ar age dating of the Madeira Archipelago and hotspot track (eastern North Atlantic)
J Geldmacher, P van den Bogaard, K Hoernle, HU Schmincke
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 1 (2), 2000
Drowned 14-my-old Galápagos archipelago off the coast of Costa Rica: implications for tectonic and evolutionary models
R Werner, K Hoernle, P van den Bogaard, C Ranero, R von Huene, ...
Geology 27 (6), 499-502, 1999
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