Yinzhu Jiang
Yinzhu Jiang
Professor of MSE, Zhejiang University
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Transition metal oxides for high performance sodium ion battery anodes
Y Jiang, M Hu, D Zhang, T Yuan, W Sun, B Xu, M Yan
Nano Energy 5, 60-66, 2014
Prussian blue@ C composite as an ultrahigh‐rate and long‐life sodium‐ion battery cathode
Y Jiang, S Yu, B Wang, Y Li, W Sun, Y Lu, M Yan, B Song, S Dou
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Amorphous Fe2O3 as a high-capacity, high-rate and long-life anode material for lithium ion batteries
Y Jiang, D Zhang, Y Li, T Yuan, N Bahlawane, C Liang, W Sun, Y Lu, ...
Nano Energy 4, 23-30, 2014
Prussian blue analogs for rechargeable batteries
B Wang, Y Han, X Wang, N Bahlawane, H Pan, M Yan, Y Jiang
Iscience 3, 110-133, 2018
Ever‐increasing pseudocapacitance in RGO–MnO–RGO sandwich nanostructures for ultrahigh‐rate lithium storage
T Yuan, Y Jiang, W Sun, B Xiang, Y Li, M Yan, B Xu, S Dou
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (13), 2198-2206, 2016
Low‐coordinate iridium oxide confined on graphitic carbon nitride for highly efficient oxygen evolution
J Chen, P Cui, G Zhao, K Rui, M Lao, Y Chen, X Zheng, Y Jiang, H Pan, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (36), 12540-12544, 2019
Engineering hierarchical hollow nickel sulfide spheres for high‐performance sodium storage
D Zhang, W Sun, Y Zhang, Y Dou, Y Jiang, SX Dou
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (41), 7479-7485, 2016
Reversible Conversion-Alloying of Sb2O3 as a High-Capacity, High-Rate, and Durable Anode for Sodium Ion Batteries
M Hu, Y Jiang, W Sun, H Wang, C Jin, M Yan
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A promising cathode material of sodium iron–nickel hexacyanoferrate for sodium ion batteries
S Yu, Y Li, Y Lu, B Xu, Q Wang, M Yan, Y Jiang
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Li-and Mn-rich layered oxide cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries: a review from fundamentals to research progress and applications
H Pan, S Zhang, J Chen, M Gao, Y Liu, T Zhu, Y Jiang
Molecular systems design & engineering 3 (5), 748-803, 2018
Amino acid‐induced interface charge engineering enables highly reversible Zn anode
H Lu, X Zhang, M Luo, K Cao, Y Lu, BB Xu, H Pan, K Tao, Y Jiang
Advanced Functional Materials 31 (45), 2103514, 2021
Interface engineering of air electrocatalysts for rechargeable zinc–air batteries
M Luo, W Sun, BB Xu, H Pan, Y Jiang
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Bismuth sulfide: A high-capacity anode for sodium-ion batteries
W Sun, X Rui, D Zhang, Y Jiang, Z Sun, H Liu, S Dou
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Evolution of phosphate coatings during high-temperature annealing and its influence on the Fe and FeSiAl soft magnetic composites
M Huang, C Wu, Y Jiang, M Yan
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Interface engineering of heterostructured electrocatalysts towards efficient alkaline hydrogen electrocatalysis
G Zhao, Y Jiang, SX Dou, W Sun, H Pan
Science Bulletin 66 (1), 85-96, 2021
An ammonia fuelled SOFC with a BaCe0. 9Nd0. 1O3− δ thin electrolyte prepared with a suspension spray
K Xie, Q Ma, B Lin, Y Jiang, J Gao, X Liu, G Meng
Journal of Power Sources 170 (1), 38-41, 2007
Electrostatic Spray Deposition of Porous SnO2/Graphene Anode Films and Their Enhanced Lithium-Storage Properties
Y Jiang, T Yuan, W Sun, M Yan
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4 (11), 6216-6220, 2012
Ultrafast, highly reversible, and cycle‐stable lithium storage boosted by pseudocapacitance in Sn‐based alloying anodes
Y Jiang, Y Li, P Zhou, Z Lan, Y Lu, C Wu, M Yan
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Bubble-supported engineering of hierarchical CuCo 2 S 4 hollow spheres for enhanced electrochemical performance
H You, L Zhang, Y Jiang, T Shao, M Li, J Gong
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (13), 5265-5270, 2018
Hetero-interface constructs ion reservoir to enhance conversion reaction kinetics for sodium/lithium storage
L Fang, Z Lan, W Guan, P Zhou, N Bahlawane, W Sun, Y Lu, C Liang, ...
Energy Storage Materials 18, 107-113, 2019
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