Prof. Dr. H. Martin R. Wilkening
Prof. Dr. H. Martin R. Wilkening
Professor of Chemistry, Graz University of Technology
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Structure and dynamics of the fast lithium ion conductor “Li7La3Zr2O12”
H Buschmann, J Dölle, S Berendts, A Kuhn, P Bottke, M Wilkening, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (43), 19378-19392, 2011
Singlet oxygen generation as a major cause for parasitic reactions during cycling of aprotic lithium–oxygen batteries
N Mahne, B Schafzahl, C Leypold, M Leypold, S Grumm, A Leitgeb, ...
Nature Energy 2 (5), 1-9, 2017
Mechanochemical reactions and syntheses of oxides
V Šepelák, A Düvel, M Wilkening, KD Becker, P Heitjans
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Structural and Electrochemical Consequences of Al and Ga Cosubstitution in Li7La3Zr2O12 Solid Electrolytes
D Rettenwander, G Redhammer, F Preishuber-Pflügl, L Cheng, L Miara, ...
Chemistry of materials 28 (7), 2384-2392, 2016
Li self-diffusion in garnet-type LiLaZrO as probed directly by diffusion-induced spin-lattice relaxation NMR spectroscopy
A Kuhn, S Narayanan, L Spencer, G Goward, V Thangadurai, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 83 (9), 094302, 2011
Crystal Structure of Garnet-Related Li-Ion Conductor Li7–3xGaxLa3Zr2O12: Fast Li-Ion Conduction Caused by a Different Cubic Modification?
R Wagner, GJ Redhammer, D Rettenwander, A Senyshyn, W Schmidt, ...
Chemistry of materials 28 (6), 1861-1871, 2016
Ultraslow Li diffusion in spinel-type structured Li4Ti5O12 — A comparison of results from solid state NMR and impedance spectroscopy
M Wilkening, R Amade, W Iwaniak, P Heitjans
Physical chemistry chemical physics 9 (10), 1239-1246, 2007
Mechanosynthesis of Solid Electrolytes: Preparation, Characterization, and Li Ion Transport Properties of Garnet-Type Al-Doped Li7La3Zr2O12 Crystallizing with …
A Duvel, A Kuhn, L Robben, M Wilkening, P Heitjans
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (29), 15192-15202, 2012
NMR and impedance studies of nanocrystalline and amorphous ion conductors: lithium niobate as a model system
P Heitjans, M Masoud, A Feldhoff, M Wilkening
Faraday Discussions 134, 67-82, 2007
From Micro to Macro: Access to Long‐Range Li+ Diffusion Parameters in Solids via Microscopic 6, 7Li Spin‐Alignment Echo NMR Spectroscopy
M Wilkening, P Heitjans
ChemPhysChem 13 (1), 53-65, 2012
Mechanism and performance of lithium–oxygen batteries–a perspective
N Mahne, O Fontaine, MO Thotiyl, M Wilkening, SA Freunberger
Chemical science 8 (10), 6716-6729, 2017
Separating bulk from grain boundary Li ion conductivity in the sol–gel prepared solid electrolyte Li 1.5 Al 0.5 Ti 1.5 (PO 4) 3
S Breuer, D Prutsch, Q Ma, V Epp, F Preishuber-Pflügl, F Tietz, ...
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Substitutional disorder: structure and ion dynamics of the argyrodites Li 6 PS 5 Cl, Li 6 PS 5 Br and Li 6 PS 5 I
I Hanghofer, M Brinek, SL Eisbacher, B Bitschnau, M Volck, V Hennige, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (16), 8489-8507, 2019
DFT Study of the Role of Al3+ in the Fast Ion-Conductor Li7–3xAl3+xLa3Zr2O12 Garnet
D Rettenwander, P Blaha, R Laskowski, K Schwarz, P Bottke, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (8), 2617-2623, 2014
Highly Mobile Ions: Low-Temperature NMR Directly Probes Extremely Fast Li+ Hopping in Argyrodite-Type Li6PS5Br
V Epp, O Gün, HJ Deiseroth, M Wilkening
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4 (13), 2118-2123, 2013
Li Ion Diffusion in the Anode Material Li12Si7: Ultrafast Quasi-1D Diffusion and Two Distinct Fast 3D Jump Processes Separately Revealed by 7Li NMR …
A Kuhn, P Sreeraj, R Pöttgen, HD Wiemhöfer, M Wilkening, P Heitjans
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (29), 11018-11021, 2011
Tuning the Li Diffusivity of Poor Ionic Conductors by Mechanical Treatment: High Li Conductivity of Strongly Defective LiTaO3 Nanoparticles
M Wilkening, V Epp, A Feldhoff, P Heitjans
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (25), 9291-9300, 2008
NMR relaxometry as a versatile tool to study Li ion dynamics in potential battery materials
A Kuhn, M Kunze, P Sreeraj, HD Wiemhöfer, V Thangadurai, M Wilkening, ...
Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance 42, 2-8, 2012
From Ultraslow to Fast Lithium Diffusion in the 2D Ion Conductor Probed Directly <?format ?>by Stimulated-Echo NMR and Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation
M Wilkening, W Küchler, P Heitjans
Physical review letters 97 (6), 065901, 2006
Singlet Oxygen during Cycling of the Aprotic Sodium–O2 Battery
L Schafzahl, N Mahne, B Schafzahl, M Wilkening, C Slugovc, SM Borisov, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (49), 15728-15732, 2017
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