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Two-dimensional supramolecular self-assembly probed by scanning tunneling microscopy
S De Feyter, FC De Schryver
Chemical Society Reviews 32 (3), 139-150, 2003
Conductivity, morphology, interfacial chemistry, and stability of poly (3, 4‐ethylene dioxythiophene)–poly (styrene sulfonate): A photoelectron spectroscopy study
X Crispin, S Marciniak, W Osikowicz, G Zotti, AWD Van Der Gon, F Louwet, ...
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Self-assembly at the liquid/solid interface: STM reveals
S De Feyter, FC De Schryver
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Spatially resolved observation of crystal-face-dependent catalysis by single turnover counting
MBJ Roeffaers, BF Sels, H Uji-i, FC De Schryver, PA Jacobs, DE De Vos, ...
Nature 439 (7076), 572-575, 2006
Time-resolved fluorescence quenching in micellar assemblies
MH Gehlen, FC De Schryver
Chemical reviews 93 (1), 199-221, 1993
Two-dimensional porous molecular networks of dehydrobenzo [12] annulene derivatives via alkyl chain interdigitation
K Tahara, S Furukawa, H Uji-i, T Uchino, T Ichikawa, J Zhang, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (51), 16613-16625, 2006
Energy dissipation in multichromophoric single dendrimers
FC De Schryver, T Vosch, M Cotlet, M Van der Auweraer, K Müllen, ...
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Stretched exponential decay and correlations in the catalytic activity of fluctuating single lipase molecules
O Flomenbom, K Velonia, D Loos, S Masuo, M Cotlet, Y Engelborghs, ...
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Scanning tunneling microscopy: a unique tool in the study of chirality, dynamics, and reactivity in physisorbed organic monolayers
S De Feyter, A Gesquière, MM Abdel-Mottaleb, PCM Grim, ...
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Photophysical properties of borondipyrromethene analogues in solution
W Qin, M Baruah, M Van der Auweraer, FC De Schryver, N Boens
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One building block, two different supramolecular surface‐confined patterns: concentration in control at the solid–liquid interface
S Lei, K Tahara, FC De Schryver, M Van der Auweraer, Y Tobe, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (16), 2964-2968, 2008
Self? Assembly of Bisurea Compounds in Organic Solvents and on Solid Substrates
J Van Esch, S De Feyter, RM Kellogg, F De Schryver, BL Feringa
Chemistry? A European Journal 3 (8), 1238-1243, 1997
Probing photophysical processes in individual multichromophoric dendrimers by single-molecule spectroscopy
J Hofkens, M Maus, T Gensch, T Vosch, M Cotlet, F Köhn, A Herrmann, ...
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An experimental comparison of the maximum likelihood estimation and nonlinear least-squares fluorescence lifetime analysis of single molecules
M Maus, M Cotlet, J Hofkens, T Gensch, FC De Schryver, J Schaffer, ...
Analytical chemistry 73 (9), 2078-2086, 2001
Terrylenimides: new NIR fluorescent dyes
FO Holtrup, G RJ Müller, H Quante, S De Feyter, FC De Schryver, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 3 (2), 219-225, 1997
Characterization of nanosized material extracted from clear suspensions for MFI zeolite synthesis
R Ravishankar, CEA Kirschhock, PP Knops-Gerrits, EJP Feijen, PJ Grobet, ...
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Disorder in charge transport in doped polymers
M Van der Auweraer, FC De Schryver, PM Borsenberger, H Bässler
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PM Borsenberger, EH Magin, M Van der Auweraer, FC Deschryver
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Solvent controlled self-assembly at the liquid-solid interface revealed by STM
W Mamdouh, H Uji-i, JS Ladislaw, AE Dulcey, V Percec, FC De Schryver, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (1), 317-325, 2006
Excited state behavior of some bichromophoric systems
FC De Schryver, N Boens, J Put
Adv. Photochem 10, 359-465, 1977
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