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Philippe Gérard
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Intestinal microbiota determines development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in mice
T Le Roy, M Llopis, P Lepage, A Bruneau, S Rabot, C Bevilacqua, ...
Gut 62 (12), 1787-1794, 2013
Germ-free C57BL/6J mice are resistant to high-fat-diet-induced insulin resistance and have altered cholesterol metabolism
S Rabot, M Membrez, A Bruneau, P Gérard, T Harach, M Moser, ...
The FASEB Journal 24 (12), 4948-4959, 2010
Metabolism of cholesterol and bile acids by the gut microbiota
P Gérard
Pathogens 3 (1), 14-24, 2014
Microbial community development in a dynamic gut model is reproducible, colon region specific, and selective for Bacteroidetes and Clostridium cluster IX
P Van den Abbeele, C Grootaert, M Marzorati, S Possemiers, ...
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 76 (15), 5237-5246, 2010
Arabinoxylans and inulin differentially modulate the mucosal and luminal gut microbiota and mucin‐degradation in humanized rats
P Van den Abbeele, P Gérard, S Rabot, A Bruneau, S El Aidy, M Derrien, ...
Environmental microbiology 13 (10), 2667-2680, 2011
Intestinal microbiota contributes to individual susceptibility to alcoholic liver disease
M Llopis, AM Cassard, L Wrzosek, L Boschat, A Bruneau, G Ferrere, ...
Gut 65 (5), 830-839, 2016
Gut microbiota and obesity
P Gérard
Cellular and molecular life sciences 73 (1), 147-162, 2016
Intestinal microbiota in metabolic diseases: from bacterial community structure and functions to species of pathophysiological relevance
T Clavel, C Desmarchelier, D Haller, P Gérard, S Rohn, P Lepage, ...
Gut microbes 5 (4), 544-551, 2014
Bacteroides sp. strain D8, the first cholesterol-reducing bacterium isolated from human feces
P Gérard, P Lepercq, M Leclerc, F Gavini, P Raibaud, C Juste
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 73 (18), 5742-5749, 2007
Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides modulate intestinal microbiota and metabolic parameters of humanized gnotobiotic diet induced obesity mice
F Respondek, P Gerard, M Bossis, L Boschat, A Bruneau, S Rabot, ...
PloS one 8 (8), 2013
High fat diet drives obesity regardless the composition of gut microbiota in mice
S Rabot, M Membrez, F Blancher, B Berger, D Moine, L Krause, R Bibiloni, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-11, 2016
Correlation between faecal microbial community structure and cholesterol-to-coprostanol conversion in the human gut
P Veiga, C Juste, P Lepercq, K Saunier, F Béguet, P Gérard
FEMS microbiology letters 242 (1), 81-86, 2005
Effect of glucose on glycerol metabolism by Clostridium butyricum DSM 5431
S Abbad‐Andaloussi, J Amine, P Gerard, H Petitdemange
Journal of applied microbiology 84 (4), 515-522, 1998
Gnotobiotic rats harboring human intestinal microbiota as a model for studying cholesterol-to-coprostanol conversion
P Gérard, F Béguet, P Lepercq, L Rigottier-Gois, V Rochet, C Andrieux, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 47 (3), 337-343, 2004
Membrane topology of the Streptococcus pneumoniae FtsW division protein
P Gérard, T Vernet, A Zapun
Journal of bacteriology 184 (7), 1925-1931, 2002
Reduced obesity, diabetes, and steatosis upon cinnamon and grape pomace are associated with changes in gut microbiota and markers of gut barrier
M Van Hul, L Geurts, H Plovier, C Druart, A Everard, M Ståhlman, M Rhimi, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 314 (4), E334-E352, 2018
Characterization of cecal microbiota and response to an orally administered lactobacillus probiotic strain in the broiler chicken
P Gérard, C Brézillon, F Quéré, A Salmon, S Rabot
Journal of molecular microbiology and biotechnology 14 (1-3), 115-122, 2008
Epimerization of chenodeoxycholic acid to ursodeoxycholic acid by Clostridium baratii isolated from human feces
P Lepercq, P Gérard, F Béguet, P Raibaud, JP Grill, P Relano, C Cayuela, ...
FEMS microbiology letters 235 (1), 65-72, 2004
The links between the gut microbiome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
Z Safari, P Gérard
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 76 (8), 1541-1558, 2019
Cholesterol crystallization in human gallbladder bile: relation to gallstone number, bile composition, and apolipoprotein E4 isoform
KJ Van Erpecum, GP Van Berge‐Henegouwen, ERM Eckhardt, ...
Hepatology 27 (6), 1508-1516, 1998
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