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The development of a modified spectral ripple test
JM Aronoff, DM Landsberger
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 134 (2), EL217-EL222, 2013
The use of interaural time and level difference cues by bilateral cochlear implant users
JM Aronoff, Y Yoon, DJ Freed, AJ Vermiglio, I Pal, SD Soli
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A Almor, JM Aronoff, MC MacDonald, LM Gonnerman, D Kempler, ...
Brain and language 111 (1), 8-19, 2009
Information content versus relational knowledge: Semantic deficits in patients with Alzheimer's disease
JM Aronoff, LM Gonnerman, A Almor, S Arunachalam, D Kempler, ...
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The effect of different cochlear implant microphones on acoustic hearing individuals' binaural benefits for speech perception in noise
JM Aronoff, DJ Freed, LM Fisher, I Pal, SD Soli
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Comparison of the spectral-temporally modulated ripple test with the Arizona Biomedical Institute Sentence Test in cochlear implant users
M Lawler, J Yu, JM Aronoff
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Interleaved Processors Improve Cochlear Implant Patients' Spectral Resolution.
JM Aronoff, J Stelmach, M Padilla, DM Landsberger
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Unilateral spectral and temporal compression reduces binaural fusion for normal hearing listeners with cochlear implant simulations
JM Aronoff, C Shayman, A Prasad, D Suneel, J Stelmach
Hearing Research 320, 24-29, 2015
Cochlear implant patients’ localization using interaural level differences exceeds that of untrained normal hearing listeners
JM Aronoff, DJ Freed, LM Fisher, I Pal, SD Soli
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 131 (5), EL382-EL387, 2012
Speech Perception with Music Maskers by Cochlear Implant Users and Normal Hearing Listeners.
EN Eskridge, JJ Galvin 3rd, JM Aronoff, T Li, QJ Fu
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Clinically paired electrodes are often not perceived as pitch matched
JM Aronoff, M Padilla, J Stelmach, DM Landsberger
Trends in Hearing 20, 2331216516668302, 2016
Localization performance correlates with binaural fusion for interaurally mismatched vocoded speech
D Suneel, H Staisloff, CS Shayman, J Stelmach, JM Aronoff
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 142 (3), EL276-EL280, 2017
Determining the relevance of different aspects of formant contours to intelligibility
A Amano-Kusumoto, JP Hosom, A Kain, JM Aronoff
Speech Communication 59, 1-9, 2014
Null subjects in child language: evidence for a performance account
JM Aronoff
WCCFL 22 proceedings, 43-55, 2003
Pitch matching adapts even for bilateral cochlear implant users with relatively small initial pitch differences across the ears
JM Aronoff, HE Staisloff, A Kirchner, DH Lee, J Stelmach
Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology 20, 595-603, 2019
Contralateral Masking in Bilateral Cochlear Implant Patients: A Model of Medial Olivocochlear Function Loss.
JM Aronoff, M Padilla, QJ Fu, DM Landsberger
PloS one 10 (3), e0121591-e0121591, 2015
Perceptually aligning apical frequency regions leads to more binaural fusion of speech in a cochlear implant simulation
HE Staisloff, DH Lee, JM Aronoff
Hearing research 337, 59-64, 2016
Audio-vocal responses elicited in adult cochlear implant users
TM Loucks, D Suneel, JM Aronoff
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 138 (4), EL393-EL398, 2015
Comparing methods for pairing electrodes across ears with cochlear implants
HE Staisloff, JM Aronoff
Ear and Hearing 42 (5), 1218-1227, 2021
Spectral-temporally modulated ripple test lite for computeRless measurement (SLRM): A nonlinguistic test for audiology clinics
DM Landsberger, N Stupak, JM Aronoff
Ear and hearing 40 (5), 1253-1255, 2019
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