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Gillian Queisser
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Synaptic activity induces dramatic changes in the geometry of the cell nucleus: interplay between nuclear structure, histone H3 phosphorylation, and nuclear calcium signaling
M Wittmann, G Queisser, A Eder, JS Wiegert, CP Bengtson, A Hellwig, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (47), 14687-14700, 2009
Structural dynamics of the cell nucleus: basis for morphology modulation of nuclear calcium signaling and gene transcription
G Queisser, S Wiegert, H Bading
Nucleus 2 (2), 14687-14700, 2011
Filtering, reconstruction, and measurement of the geometry of nuclei from hippocampal neurons based on confocal microscopy data
SG Queisser, M Wittmann, H Bading, G Wittum
Journal of Biomedical Optics 13 (1), 014009, 2008
Synaptic bouton properties are tuned to best fit the prevailing firing pattern
MM Knodel, R Geiger, L Ge, D Bucher, A Grillo, G Wittum, CM Schuster, ...
Frontiers in computational neuroscience 8, 101, 2014
A three-dimensional mathematical model of active signal processing in axons
K Xylouris, G Queisser, G Wittum
Computing and visualization in science 13 (8), 409-418, 2010
Inertia based filtering of high resolution images using a GPU cluster
D Jungblut, G Queisser, G Wittum
Computing and visualization in science 14 (4), 181-186, 2011
Spine-to-dendrite calcium modeling discloses relevance for precise positioning of ryanodine receptor-containing spine endoplasmic reticulum
M Breit, M Kessler, M Stepniewski, A Vlachos, G Queisser
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-17, 2018
Generating neuron geometries for detailed three-dimensional simulations using anamorph
K Mörschel, M Breit, G Queisser
Neuroinformatics 15 (3), 247-269, 2017
Anatomically detailed and large-scale simulations studying synapse loss and synchrony using NeuroBox
M Breit, M Stepniewski, S Grein, P Gottmann, L Reinhardt, G Queisser
Frontiers in neuroanatomy 10, 8, 2016
Employing NeuGen 2.0 to automatically generate realistic morphologies of hippocampal neurons and neural networks in 3D
S Wolf, S Grein, G Queisser
Neuroinformatics 11 (2), 137-148, 2013
What is required for neuronal calcium waves? A numerical parameter study
M Breit, G Queisser
The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience 8 (1), 1-22, 2018
1D-3D hybrid modeling—from multi-compartment models to full resolution models in space and time
S Grein, M Stepniewski, S Reiter, MM Knodel, G Queisser
Frontiers in neuroinformatics 8, 68, 2014
NeuroBox: computational mathematics in multiscale neuroscience
M Stepniewski, M Breit, M Hoffer, G Queisser
Computing and Visualization in Science 20 (3), 111-124, 2019
Multi-scale modeling toolbox for single neuron and subcellular activity under Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
S Shirinpour, N Hananeia, J Rosado, H Tran, C Galanis, A Vlachos, ...
Brain Stimulation 14 (6), 1470-1482, 2021
Development of a new bead movement-based computational framework shows that bacterial amyloid curli reduces bead mobility in biofilms
K Malhotra, T Hunter, B Henry, Y Ishmail, P Gaddameedi, S Tursi, Ç Tükel, ...
Journal of bacteriology 202 (18), e00253-20, 2020
The influence of the morphology of nuclei from hippocampal neurons on signal processing in nuclei
G Queisser
Modeling drug absorption from the dermis after an injection
Z Li, A Biswas, J Finkelstein, S Grein, Y Kapoor, M Milewski, G Queisser
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 110 (3), 1279-1291. e1, 2021
Density visualization pipeline: A tool for cellular and network density visualization and analysis
S Grein, G Qi, G Queisser
Frontiers in computational neuroscience 14, 42, 2020
A method to investigate the diffusion properties of nuclear calcium
G Queisser, G Wittum
Biological cybernetics 105 (3), 211-216, 2011
Simultaneous modelling of the extracellular and innercellular potential and the membrane voltage
K Xylouris, G Queisser, G Wittum
Conference Abstract: Bernstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience, 2009
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