Edouard Metzger
Edouard Metzger
Angers University, LPG-BIAF, CNRS
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Use of voltammetric solid-state (micro) electrodes for studying biogeochemical processes: laboratory measurements to real time measurements with an in situ electrochemical …
GW Luther III, BT Glazer, S Ma, RE Trouwborst, TS Moore, E Metzger, ...
Marine Chemistry 108 (3-4), 221-235, 2008
Live (stained) benthic foraminifera from the Rhône prodelta (Gulf of Lion, NW Mediterranean): Environmental controls on a river-dominated shelf
A Goineau, C Fontanier, FJ Jorissen, B Lansard, R Buscail, A Mouret, ...
Journal of Sea Research 65 (1), 58-75, 2011
Live (stained) benthic foraminifera in the Whittard Canyon, Celtic margin (NE Atlantic)
P Duros, C Fontanier, E Metzger, A Pusceddu, F Cesbron, HC De Stigter, ...
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 58 (2), 128-146, 2011
Two-dimensional determination of dissolved iron and sulfur species in marine sediment pore-waters by thin-film based imaging. Thau lagoon (France)
D Jézéquel, R Brayner, E Metzger, E Viollier, F Prévot, F Fiévet
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 72 (3), 420-431, 2007
Foraminiferal survival after long-term in situ experimentally induced anoxia.
D Langlet, E Geslin, C Baal, E Metzger, F Lejzerowicz, B Riedel, ...
Biogeosciences 10 (11), 7463-7480, 2013
Oxygen respiration rates of benthic foraminifera as measured with oxygen microsensors
E Geslin, N Risgaard-Petersen, F Lombard, E Metzger, D Langlet, ...
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 396 (2), 108-114, 2011
Foraminiferal species responses to in situ, experimentally induced anoxia in the Adriatic Sea
D Langlet, C Baal, E Geslin, E Metzger, M Zuschin, B Riedel, ...
Biogeosciences 11 (7), 1775-1797, 2014
Vertical distribution and respiration rates of benthic foraminifera: Contribution to aerobic remineralization in intertidal mudflats covered by Zostera noltei meadows
F Cesbron, E Geslin, FJ Jorissen, ML Delgard, L Charrieau, B Deflandre, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 179, 23-38, 2016
Influence of the organic matter composition on benthic oxygen demand in the Rhône River prodelta (NW Mediterranean Sea)
L Pastor, B Deflandre, E Viollier, C Cathalot, E Metzger, C Rabouille, ...
Continental Shelf Research 31 (9), 1008-1019, 2011
Benthic response to shellfish farming in Thau lagoon: pore water signature
E Metzger, C Simonucci, E Viollier, G Sarazin, F Prévot, D Jézéquel
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 72 (3), 406-419, 2007
Temporal variability of live (stained) benthic foraminiferal faunas in a river-dominated shelf–Faunal response to rapid changes of the river influence (Rhône prodelta, NW …
A Goineau, C Fontanier, F Jorissen, R Buscail, P Kerhervé, C Cathalot, ...
Biogeosciences 9 (4), 1367-1388, 2012
Experimental evidence for foraminiferal calcification under anoxia
MP Nardelli, C Barras, E Metzger, A Mouret, H Filippson, FJ Jorissen, ...
Biogeosciences 11, 4029-4038, 2014
Sedimentary record of redox-sensitive elements (U, Mn, Mo) in a transitory anoxic basin (the Thau lagoon, France)
F Elbaz-Poulichet, JL Seidel, D Jézéquel, E Metzger, F Prévot, ...
Marine Chemistry 95 (3-4), 271-281, 2005
Effect of light on photosynthetic efficiency of sequestered chloroplasts in intertidal benthic foraminifera (Haynesina germanica and Ammonia tepida)
T Jauffrais, B Jesus, E Metzger, JL Mouget, F Jorissen, E Geslin
Biogeosciences 13 (9), 2715-2726, 2016
Live and dead benthic foraminiferal faunas from Whittard Canyon (NE Atlantic): Focus on taphonomic processes and paleo-environmental applications
P Duros, C Fontanier, HC De Stigter, F Cesbron, E Metzger, FJ Jorissen
Marine Micropaleontology 94, 25-44, 2012
Modeling biogeochemical processes in sediments from the Rhône River prodelta area (NW Mediterranean Sea)
L Pastor, C Cathalot, B Deflandre, E Viollier, K Soetaert, FJR Meysman, ...
Biogeosciences 8 (1), 1351-1366, 2011
Simultaneous 2D imaging of dissolved iron and reactive phosphorus in sediment pore-waters by thin-film and hyperspectral methods
F Cesbron, E Metzger, P Launeau, B Deflandre, ML Delgard, ...
Environmental Science and Technology 48 (5), 2816-2826, 2014
Two-dimensional distribution of living benthic foraminifera in anoxic sediment layers of an estuarine mudflat (Loire estuary, France)
A Thibault de Chanvalon, E Metzger, A Mouret, F Cesbron, J Knoery, ...
Biogesciences 12 (20), 6219-6234, 2015
Assessment of the metal contamination evolution in the Loire estuary using Cu and Zn stable isotopes and geochemical data in sediments
D Araujo, E Ponzevera, N Briant, J Knoery, T Sireau, M Mojtahid, ...
Marine Pollution Bulletin 143, 12-23, 2019
Recent sediment transport and deposition in the Cap-Ferret Canyon, South-East margin of Bay of Biscay
S Schmidt, H Howa, A Diallo, J Martín, M Cremer, P Duros, C Fontanier, ...
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 2014
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