Josselin Cornuault
Josselin Cornuault
Post-doc, Laboratoire Evolution & Diversité Biologique, Université Toulouse 3
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Islands as model systems in ecology and evolution: Prospects fifty years after MacArthur‐Wilson
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Reconstructing deep‐time palaeoclimate legacies in the clusioid Malpighiales unveils their role in the evolution and extinction of the boreotropical flora
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Plos one 13 (8), e0202015, 2018
Le gecko vert de Bourbon (Phelsuma borbonica): répartition, écologie et génétique des populations, implication pour sa conservation
Actes du séminaire des gestionnaires de la conservation de, 21, 2015
Biodiversité, biogéographie et évolution des hémosporidies dans l'océan Indien
J Cornuault
Université de Toulouse, Université Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier, 2012
Evolutionary islands: 150 years after Darwin
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Reconstructing deep-time paleoclimate legacies in the clusioid Malpighiales unveils their role in the evolution and extinction of the boreotropical flora
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John Wiley & Sons, 2018
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