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Averting biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas
WF Laurance, DC Useche, J Rendeiro, M Kalka, CJA Bradshaw, ...
Nature 489 (7415), 290, 2012
The conservation status of the world’s reptiles
M Böhm, B Collen, JEM Baillie, P Bowles, J Chanson, N Cox, ...
Biological Conservation 157, 372-385, 2013
Herpetofauna of West Africa, Vol. I: Amphibians of the West African savanna
MO Rödel
Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt/M, 2000
Diversity erosion beyond the species level: dramatic loss of functional diversity after selective logging in two tropical amphibian communities
R Ernst, KE Linsenmair, MO Rödel
Biological Conservation 133 (2), 143-155, 2006
Measuring and monitoring amphibian diversity in tropical forests. I. An evaluation of methods with recommendations for standardization
MO Rödel, R Ernst
Ecotropica 10 (1), 1-14, 2004
Specimen collection: An essential tool
LA Rocha, A Aleixo, G Allen, F Almeda, CC Baldwin, MVL Barclay, ...
Science 344 (6186), 814-815, 2014
The use of bioacoustics in anuran taxonomy: theory, terminology, methods and recommendations for best practice
M Köhler, J., Jansen, M., Rodriguez, A., Kok, P.J.R., Toledo, L.F., Emmrich ...
Zootaxa 4251, 1-124, 2017
Phylogeography of Ptychadena mascareniensis suggests transoceanic dispersal in a widespread African‐Malagasy frog lineage
M Vences, J Kosuch, MO Rödel, S Lötters, A Channing, F Glaw, W Böhme
Journal of Biogeography 31 (4), 593-601, 2004
Oviposition site selection in a complex and variable environment: the role of habitat quality and conspecific cues
VHW Rudolf, MO Rödel
Oecologia 142 (2), 316-325, 2005
The importance of environmental heterogeneity for species diversity and assemblage structure in Bornean stream frogs
A Keller, MO Rödel, KE Linsenmair, TU Grafe
Journal of Animal Ecology 78 (2), 305-314, 2009
Anthropogenically induced changes of predictability in tropical anuran assemblages
R Ernst, MO Rödel
Ecology 86 (11), 3111-3118, 2005
Effects of Forest Fragmentation and Habitat Degradation on West African Leaf‐Litter Frogs
A Hillers, M Veith, MO Rödel
Conservation Biology 22 (3), 762-772, 2008
Patterns of community composition in two tropical tree frog assemblages: separating spatial structure and environmental effects in disturbed and undisturbed forests
R Ernst, MO Rödel
Journal of Tropical Ecology 24 (2), 111, 2008
Phenotypic plasticity and optimal timing of metamorphosis under uncertain time constraints
VHW Rudolf, MO Rödel
Evolutionary Ecology 21 (1), 121-142, 2007
A conservation assessment of amphibians in the Forêt Classée du Pic de Fon, Simandou Range, southeastern Republic of Guinea, with the description of a new Amnirana species …
MO Rödel, MA Bangoura
Tropical Zoology 17 (2), 201-232, 2004
Connecting Earth observation to high-throughput biodiversity data
A Bush, R Sollmann, A Wilting, K Bohmann, B Cole, H Balzter, C Martius, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 1 (7), 0176, 2017
Predictors of elevational biodiversity gradients change from single taxa to the multi-taxa community level
MK Peters, A Hemp, T Appelhans, C Behler, A Classen, F Detsch, ...
Nature Communications 7, 13736, 2016
Tadpoles of Africa: the biology and identification of all known tadpoles in sub-Saharan Africa
A Channing, MO Rödel, J Channing
Edition Chimaira, 2012
A hybrid phylogenetic-phylogenomic approach for species tree estimation in African Agama lizards with applications to biogeography, character evolution, and diversification
AD Leaché, P Wagner, CW Linkem, W Böhme, TJ Papenfuss, RA Chong, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 79, 215-230, 2014
Biodiversity in a forest island: reptiles and amphibians of the West African Togo Hills
AD Leaché, MO Rödel, CW Linkem, RE Diaz, A Hillers, MK Fujita
Amphibian and Reptile Conservation 4 (1), 22-45, 2006
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