Manuel Sorge
Manuel Sorge
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Adapting the Bron–Kerbosch algorithm for enumerating maximal cliques in temporal graphs
AS Himmel, H Molter, R Niedermeier, M Sorge
Social Network Analysis and Mining 7, 1-16, 2017
Exact combinatorial algorithms and experiments for finding maximum k-plexes
H Moser, R Niedermeier, M Sorge
Journal of combinatorial optimization 24 (3), 347-373, 2012
An algorithmic framework for fixed-cardinality optimization in sparse graphs applied to dense subgraph problems
C Komusiewicz, M Sorge
Discrete Applied Mathematics 193, 145-161, 2015
The complexity of arc routing problems
R van Bevern, R Niedermeier, M Sorge, M Weller
Arc Routing: Problems, Methods, and Applications, 2014
The graph parameter hierarchy
M Sorge, M Weller, F Foucaud, O Suchý, P Ochem, M Vatshelle, ...
Unpublished manuscript, 10, 2019
A parameterized approximation algorithm for the mixed and windy capacitated arc routing problem: Theory and experiments
R Van Bevern, C Komusiewicz, M Sorge
Networks 70 (3), 262-278, 2017
Matchings under preferences: Strength of stability and tradeoffs
J Chen, P Skowron, M Sorge
ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation 9 (4), 1-55, 2021
On the parameterized complexity of computing balanced partitions in graphs
R Van Bevern, AE Feldmann, M Sorge, O Suchý
Theory of Computing Systems 57, 1-35, 2015
A new view on Rural Postman based on Eulerian Extension and Matching
M Sorge, R Van Bevern, R Niedermeier, M Weller
Journal of Discrete Algorithms 16, 12-33, 2012
From few components to an Eulerian graph by adding arcs
M Sorge, R Van Bevern, R Niedermeier, M Weller
Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science: 37th International Workshop …, 2011
Cluster Editing for Multi-Layer and Temporal Graphs
J Chen, H Molter, M Sorge, O Suchy
arXiv preprint arXiv:1709.09100, 2017
Finding highly connected subgraphs
F Hüffner, C Komusiewicz, M Sorge
SOFSEM 2015: Theory and Practice of Computer Science: 41st International …, 2015
H-index manipulation by merging articles: Models, theory, and experiments
R Van Bevern, C Komusiewicz, R Niedermeier, M Sorge, T Walsh
Artificial Intelligence 240, 19-35, 2016
How hard is it to satisfy (almost) all roommates?
J Chen, D Hermelin, M Sorge, H Yedidsion
arXiv preprint arXiv:1707.04316, 2017
Polynomial-time data reduction for the subset interconnection design problem
J Chen, C Komusiewicz, R Niedermeier, M Sorge, O Suchy, M Weller
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 29 (1), 1-25, 2015
Efficient fully dynamic elimination forests with applications to detecting long paths and cycles
J Chen, W Czerwiński, Y Disser, AE Feldmann, D Hermelin, W Nadara, ...
Proceedings of the 2021 ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA …, 2021
Constant-factor approximations for capacitated arc routing without triangle inequality
R Van Bevern, S Hartung, A Nichterlein, M Sorge
Operations Research Letters 42 (4), 290-292, 2014
Exploiting hidden structure in selecting dimensions that distinguish vectors
V Froese, R Van Bevern, R Niedermeier, M Sorge
Journal of Computer and System Sciences 82 (3), 521-535, 2016
The parameterized complexity of the minimum shared edges problem
T Fluschnik, S Kratsch, R Niedermeier, M Sorge
Journal of Computer and System Sciences 106, 23-48, 2019
The parameterized complexity of finding secluded solutions to some classical optimization problems on graphs
R van Bevern, T Fluschnik, GB Mertzios, H Molter, M Sorge, O Suchý
Discrete Optimization 30, 20-50, 2018
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