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Novelty acquisition is associated with induction of hippocampal long-term depression
D Manahan-Vaughan, KH Braunewell
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 96 (15), 8739-8744, 1999
Intracellular neuronal calcium sensor proteins: a family of EF-hand calcium-binding proteins in search of a function
KH Braunewell, ED Gundelfinger
Cell and tissue research 295, 1-12, 1999
Long-term depression: a cellular basis for learning?
KH Braunewell, D Manahan-Vaughan
Reviews in the Neurosciences 12 (2), 121-140, 2001
The metabotropic glutamate receptor, mGluR5, is a key determinant of good and bad spatial learning performance and hippocampal synaptic plasticity
D Manahan-Vaughan, KH Braunewell
Cerebral cortex 15 (11), 1703-1713, 2005
Visinin-like proteins (VSNLs): interaction partners and emerging functions in signal transduction of a subfamily of neuronal Ca2+-sensor proteins
KH Braunewell, AJK Szanto
Cell and tissue research 335 (2), 301-316, 2009
The calcium sensor protein visinin-like protein-1 modulates the surface expression and agonist sensitivity of the α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
L Lin, EM Jeanclos, M Treuil, KH Braunewell, ED Gundelfinger, R Anand
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (44), 41872-41878, 2002
Regional and cellular distribution of neural visinin-like protein immunoreactivities (VILIP-1 and VILIP-3) in human brain
HG Bernstein, B Baumann, P Danos, S Diekmann, B Bogerts, ...
Journal of neurocytology 28, 655-662, 1999
The darker side of Ca2+ signaling by neuronal Ca2+-sensor proteins: from Alzheimer's disease to cancer
KH Braunewell
Trends in pharmacological sciences 26 (7), 345-351, 2005
Functional Involvement of Sciatic Nerve‐derived Versicanand Decorin‐like Molecules and other Chondroitin Sulphate Proteoglycans in ECM‐mediated Cell Adhesion and Neurite Outgrowth
KH Braunewell, P Pesheva, JB McCarthy, LT Furcht, B Schmitz, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 7 (4), 805-814, 1995
Reversible translocation and activity-dependent localization of the calcium–myristoyl switch protein VILIP-1 to different membrane compartments in living hippocampal neurons
C Spilker, T Dresbach, KH Braunewell
Journal of Neuroscience 22 (17), 7331-7339, 2002
Subtype-specific involvement of metabotropic glutamate receptors in two forms of long-term potentiation in the dentate gyrus of freely moving rats
D Manahan-Vaughan, KH Braunewell, KG Reymann
Neuroscience 86 (3), 709-721, 1998
Up‐regulation of a chondroitin sulphate epitope during regeneration of mouse sciatic nerve: evidence that the immunoreactive molecules are related to the chondroitin sulphate …
KH Braunewell, R Martini, R LeBaron, H Kresse, A Faissner, B Schmitz, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 7 (4), 792-804, 1995
Abnormal localization of two neuronal calcium sensor proteins, visinin-like proteins (vilips)-1 and-3, in neocortical brain areas of Alzheimer disease patients
KH Braunewell, P Riederer, C Spilker, ED Gundelfinger, B Bogerts, ...
Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders 12 (2), 110-116, 2001
The neuronal calcium sensor protein VILIP-1 is associated with amyloid plaques and extracellular tangles in Alzheimer's disease and promotes cell death and tau phosphorylation …
I Schnurra, HG Bernstein, P Riederer, KH Braunewell
Neurobiology of disease 8 (5), 900-909, 2001
Neuronal Ca2+ sensor protein VILIP-1 affects cGMP signalling of guanylyl cyclase B by regulating clathrin-dependent receptor recycling in hippocampal neurons
M Brackmann, S Schuchmann, R Anand, KH Braunewell
Journal of cell science 118 (11), 2495-2505, 2005
Intracellular neuronal calcium sensor (NCS) protein VILIP‐1 modulates cGMP signalling pathways in transfected neural cells and cerebellar granule neurones
KH Braunewell, M Brackmann, M Schaupp, C Spilker, R Anand, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 78 (6), 1277-1286, 2001
The neuronal Ca2+ sensor protein visinin-like protein-1 is expressed in pancreatic islets and regulates insulin secretion
FF Dai, Y Zhang, Y Kang, Q Wang, HY Gaisano, KH Braunewell, CB Chan, ...
Journal of biological chemistry 281 (31), 21942-21953, 2006
The Neuronal Calcium‐Sensor Protein VILIP Modulates Cyclic AMP Accumulation in Stably Transfected C6 Glioma Cells: Amino‐Terminal Myristoylation Determines Functional Activity
KH Braunewell, C Spilker, T Behnisch, ED Gundelfinger
Journal of neurochemistry 68 (5), 2129-2139, 1997
Structural determinants of α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor trafficking
XQ Ren, SB Cheng, MW Treuil, J Mukherjee, J Rao, KH Braunewell, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 25 (28), 6676-6686, 2005
Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release supports the relay mode of activity in thalamocortical cells
T Budde, F Sieg, KH Braunewell, ED Gundelfinger, HC Pape
Neuron 26 (2), 483-492, 2000
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