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Computational prediction of the molecular configuration of three-dimensional network polymers
L De Keer, KI Kilic, PHM Van Steenberge, L Daelemans, D Kodura, ...
Nature Materials 20 (10), 1422-1430, 2021
Visible‐Light‐Induced Passerini Multicomponent Polymerization
BT Tuten, L De Keer, S Wiedbrauk, PHM Van Steenberge, DR D'hooge, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (17), 5672-5676, 2019
Fusing light-induced step-growth processes with RAFT chemistry for segmented copolymer synthesis: a synergetic experimental and kinetic modeling study
T Gegenhuber, L De Keer, AS Goldmann, PHM Van Steenberge, ...
Macromolecules 50 (17), 6451-6467, 2017
A complete understanding of the reaction kinetics for the industrial production process of expandable polystyrene
L De Keer, PHM Van Steenberge, MF Reyniers, GB Marin, ...
AIChE Journal 63 (6), 2043-2059, 2017
Benchmarking stochastic and deterministic kinetic modeling of bulk and solution radical polymerization processes by including six types of factors two
L De Keer, FL Figueira, YW Marien, K De Smit, M Edeleva, ...
Macromolecular Theory and Simulations 29 (6), 2000065, 2020
A detailed mechanistic study of bulk MADIX of styrene and its chain extension
DJG Devlaminck, PHM Van Steenberge, L De Keer, MF Reyniers, ...
Polymer Chemistry 8 (45), 6948-6963, 2017
A kinetic study on the para-fluoro-thiol reaction in view of its use in materials design
F Cavalli, L De Keer, B Huber, PHM Van Steenberge, DR D'hooge, ...
Polymer Chemistry 10 (22), 2781-2791, 2019
Going beyond the Carothers, Flory and Stockmayer equation by including cyclization reactions and mobility constraints
L De Keer, PHM Van Steenberge, MF Reyniers, DR D’hooge
Polymers 13 (15), 2410, 2021
Synergy of advanced experimental and modeling tools to underpin the synthesis of static step-growth-based networks involving polymeric precursor building blocks
L De Keer, F Cavalli, D Estupiñán, AJD Krüger, S Rocha, ...
Macromolecules 54 (20), 9280-9298, 2021
New mechanism for autoxidation of polyolefins: kinetic Monte Carlo modelling of the role of short-chain branches, molecular oxygen and unsaturated moieties
L De Keer, P Van Steenberge, MF Reyniers, G Gryn'Ova, HM Aitken, ...
Polymer Chemistry 13 (22), 3304-3314, 2022
Procedures and guidelines for inputting and output smoothening of kinetic Monte Carlo distributions
L De Keer, M Edeleva, FL Figueira, P Reyes, DR D'hooge, ...
Advanced Theory and Simulations 5 (5), 2100580, 2022
A dedicated protocol to capture orthosilicate crosslinking kinetics and Arrhenius parameters
S Verschraegen, E Loccufier, L De Keer, PHM Van Steenberge, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 461, 141701, 2023
From time dependent incorporation of molecular building blocks to application properties for inorganic and organic three-dimensional network polymers
L De Keer, K Kilic, P Van Steenberge, L Daelemans, D Kodura, H Frisch, ...
Designing individual linear and network polymer molecules building block by building block
L De Keer
Ghent University, 2021
Combining 29Si NMR and kinetic Monte Carlo modeling to capture tetraethyl orthosilicate crosslinking kinetics
S Verschraegen, E Loccufier, L De Keer, J Geltmeyer, P Van Steenberge, ...
ACS Fall 2023, 2023
Playing with and coupling kinetic Monte Carlo matrices to map polymer reaction engineering applications
P Van Steenberge, F Figueira De Barros, L De Keer, M Edeleva, A Trigilio, ...
The 5th Hangzhou International Polymer Forum (HIPF2020), 2020
The amazing world of network polymers and their applications
D D'hooge, L De Keer, E Loccufier, K Karsu, P Van Steenberge, A Kislyak, ...
Virtual MIPOL2020 Congress, 18-18, 2020
From molecule to material performance: multiscale design of (in) organic network polymers
L De Keer, KI Karsu, P Van Steenberge, H Frisch, L Daelemans, ...
16th Pacific Polymer Conference (PPC16), 2019
Deterministic modelling of RAFT bulk and mini-emulsion polymerization up to high monomer conversion
D Devlaminck, Y Marien, L De Keer, MF Reyniers, P Van Steenberge, ...
13th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering (PRE2019), 2019
In silico visualization of segments in network copolymers: the case of para-fluoro-thiol network ligation
L De Keer, F Cavalli, P Van Steenberge, MF Reyniers, L Barner, ...
13th International Conference on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular …, 2019
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