Luis Orlando Morales
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Multiple roles for UV RESISTANCE LOCUS8 in regulating gene expression and metabolite accumulation in Arabidopsis under solar ultraviolet radiation
LO Morales, M Brosché, J Vainonen, GI Jenkins, JJ Wargent, N Sipari, ...
Plant physiology 161 (2), 744-759, 2013
Effects of solar UV-A and UV-B radiation on gene expression and phenolic accumulation in Betula pendula leaves
LO Morales, R Tegelberg, M Brosché, M Keinänen, A Lindfors, PJ Aphalo
Tree Physiology 30 (7), 923-934, 2010
UV-A radiation effects on higher plants: Exploring the known unknown
D Verdaguer, MAK Jansen, L Llorens, LO Morales, S Neugart
Plant science 255, 72-81, 2017
Phylogenetic relationships of Betula species (Betulaceae) based on nuclear ADH and chloroplast matK sequences
P Järvinen, A Palmé, L Orlando Morales, M Lännenpää, M Keinänen, ...
American Journal of Botany 91 (11), 1834-1845, 2004
Epidermal UV‐A absorbance and whole‐leaf flavonoid composition in pea respond more to solar blue light than to solar UV radiation
SM Siipola, T Kotilainen, N Sipari, LO Morales, AV Lindfors, TM Robson, ...
Plant, cell & environment 38 (5), 941-952, 2015
Temporal variation in epidermal flavonoids due to altered solar UV radiation is moderated by the leaf position in Betula pendula
LO Morales, R Tegelberg, M Brosché, A Lindfors, S Siipola, PJ Aphalo
Physiologia Plantarum 143 (3), 261-270, 2011
Effects of residual lignin and heteropolysaccharides on the bioconversion of softwood lignocellulose nanofibrils obtained by SO2–ethanol–water fractionation
LO Morales, M Iakovlev, R Martin-Sampedro, JL Rahikainen, J Laine, ...
Bioresource technology 161, 55-62, 2014
Affibody conjugation onto bacterial cellulose tubes and bioseparation of human serum albumin
H Orelma, LO Morales, LS Johansson, IC Hoeger, I Filpponen, C Castro, ...
RSC Advances 4 (93), 51440-51450, 2014
A perspective on ecologically relevant plant-UV research and its practical application
TM Robson, PJ Aphalo, AK Banaś, PW Barnes, CC Brelsford, GI Jenkins, ...
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 18 (5), 970-988, 2019
How do cryptochromes and UVR8 interact in natural and simulated sunlight?
N Rai, S Neugart, Y Yan, F Wang, SM Siipola, AV Lindfors, JB Winkler, ...
Journal of experimental botany 70 (18), 4975-4990, 2019
The photoreceptor UVR8 mediates the perception of both UV‐B and UV‐A wavelengths up to 350 nm of sunlight with responsivity moderated by cryptochromes
N Rai, A O'Hara, D Farkas, O Safronov, K Ratanasopa, F Wang, ...
Plant, cell & environment 43 (6), 1513-1527, 2020
Do UV‐A radiation and blue light during growth prime leaves to cope with acute high light in photoreceptor mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana?
CC Brelsford, LO Morales, J Nezval, TK Kotilainen, SM Hartikainen, ...
Physiologia plantarum 165 (3), 537-554, 2019
Regulation of Arabidopsis gene expression by low fluence rate UV-B independently of UVR8 and stress signaling
AN O´Hara, LR Headland, A Diaz-Ramos, LO Morales, Å Strid, GI Jenkins
Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, 2019
Are solar UV‐B‐ and UV‐A‐dependent gene expression and metabolite accumulation in Arabidopsis mediated by the stress response regulator RADICAL …
LO Morales, M Brosché, JP Vainonen, N Sipari, AV Lindfors, Å Strid, ...
Plant, cell & environment 38 (5), 878-891, 2015
Responses of flavonoid profile and associated gene expression to solar blue and UV radiation in two accessions of Vicia faba L. from contrasting UV environments
Y Yan, FL Stoddard, S Neugart, VO Sadras, A Lindfors, LO Morales, ...
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 18 (2), 434-447, 2019
Wood decay caused by Heterobasidion parviporum in juvenile wood specimens from normal- and narrow-crowned Norway spruce
Y Puentes Rodriguez, L Morales, S Willför, P Pulkkinen, H Peltola, ...
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 28 (4), 331-339, 2013
Susceptibility of pretreated wood sections of Norway spruce (Picea abies) clones to enzymatic hydrolysis
Y Puentes Rodriguez, H Puhakka-Tarvainen, O Pastinen, M Siika-Aho, ...
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 42 (1), 38-46, 2012
AV, Tegelberg, R., and Aphalo, PJ (2013) Multiple roles for UV RESISTANCE LOCUS8 in regulating gene expression and metabolite accumulation in Arabidopsis under solar …
LO Morales, M Brosché, J Vainonen, GI Jenkins, JJ Wargent, N Sipari, ...
Plant Physiol 161, 744-759, 0
Spectral composition of light affects plant sensitivity to UV-B and photoinhibition in cucumber
COOÅS Carolina Falcato Fialho Palma, Victor Castro-Alves, Luis Orlando ...
Perception of solar UV radiation by plants: photoreceptors and mechanisms
N Rai, LO Morales, PJ Aphalo
Plant Physiology, 2021
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