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Simple solvothermal route to synthesize ZnO nanosheets, nanonails, and well-aligned nanorod arrays
S Kar, A Dev, S Chaudhuri
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (36), 17848-17853, 2006
Optical and field emission properties of ZnO nanorod arrays synthesized on zinc foils by the solvothermal route
A Dev, S Kar, S Chakrabarti, S Chaudhuri
Nanotechnology 17 (5), 1533, 2006
Surfactant-assisted route to synthesize well-aligned ZnO nanorod arrays on sol− gel-derived ZnO thin films
A Dev, SK Panda, S Kar, S Chakrabarti, S Chaudhuri
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (29), 14266-14272, 2006
Fabrication and Luminescent Properties of c-Axis Oriented ZnO−ZnS Core−Shell and ZnS Nanorod Arrays by Sulfidation of Aligned ZnO Nanorod Arrays
SK Panda, A Dev, S Chaudhuri
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (13), 5039-5043, 2007
Direct synthesis of ZnO nanowire arrays on Zn foil by a simple thermal evaporation process
T Ghoshal, S Biswas, S Kar, A Dev, S Chakrabarti, S Chaudhuri
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Stable enhancement of near-band-edge emission of ZnO nanowires by hydrogen incorporation
A Dev, R Niepelt, JP Richters, C Ronning, T Voss
Nanotechnology 21 (6), 065709, 2010
Surfactant-assisted synthesis of SnS nanowires grown on tin foils
SK Panda, A Datta, A Dev, S Gorai, S Chaudhuri
Crystal growth & design 6 (9), 2177-2181, 2006
Enhancement of the near-band-edge photoluminescence of ZnO nanowires: Important role of hydrogen incorporation versus plasmon resonances
A Dev, JP Richters, J Sartor, H Kalt, J Gutowski, T Voss
Applied Physics Letters 98 (13), 131111, 2011
Surface effects and nonlinear optical properties of ZnO nanowires
T Voss, JP Richters, A Dev
physica status solidi (b) 247 (10), 2476-2487, 2010
Uniform large-scale growth of micropatterned arrays of ZnO nanowires synthesized by a surfactant assisted approach
A Dev, S Chaudhuri
Nanotechnology 18 (17), 175607, 2007
Electrochemical reduction of O 2 in 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bis (trifluoromethanesulfonyl) imide ionic liquid containing Zn 2+ cations: deposition of non-polar oriented …
E Azaceta, R Marcilla, D Mecerreyes, M Ungureanu, A Dev, T Voss, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (29), 13433-13440, 2011
Femtosecond laser processing of glassy and polymeric matrices containing metals and semiconductor nanostructures
JMP Almeida, V Tribuzi, RD Fonseca, AJG Otuka, PHD Ferreira, ...
Optical Materials 35 (12), 2643-2648, 2013
Oxygen-controlled photoconductivity in ZnO nanowires functionalized with colloidal CdSe quantum dots
D Hou, A Dev, K Frank, A Rosenauer, T Voss
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (36), 19604-19610, 2012
Silicon micro-structure and ZnO nanowire hierarchical assortments for light management
BD Choudhury, A Abedin, A Dev, R Sanatinia, S Anand
Optical Materials Express 3 (8), 1039-1048, 2013
Hybrid LEDs based on ZnO‐nanowire arrays
A El‐Shaer, A Dev, JP Richters, SR Waldvogel, J Waltermann, W Schade, ...
physica status solidi (b) 247 (6), 1564-1567, 2010
Tailoring the properties of semiconductor nanowires using ion beams
C Ronning, C Borschel, S Geburt, R Niepelt, S Müller, D Stichtenoth, ...
physica status solidi (b) 247 (10), 2329-2337, 2010
Fabrication of periodic nanostructure assemblies by interfacial energy driven colloidal lithography
A Dev, B Dev Choudhury, A Abedin, S Anand
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (29), 4577-4583, 2014
Influence of metallic coatings on the photoluminescence properties of ZnO nanowires
JP Richters, A Dev, S Müller, R Niepelt, C Borschel, C Ronning, T Voss
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Fabrication of zinc oxide nanowires/polymer composites by two‐photon polymerization
RD Fonseca, DS Correa, EC Paris, V Tribuzi, A Dev, T Voss, PHB Aoki, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 52 (4), 333-337, 2014
Optical applications of ZnO nanowires
A Dev, A Elshaer, T Voss
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 17 (4), 896-906, 2010
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