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A rechargeable room-temperature sodium superoxide (NaO 2) battery
P Hartmann, CL Bender, M Vračar, AK Dürr, A Garsuch, J Janek, ...
Nature materials 12 (3), 228-232, 2013
From lithium to sodium: cell chemistry of room temperature sodium–air and sodium–sulfur batteries
P Adelhelm, P Hartmann, CL Bender, M Busche, C Eufinger, J Janek
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 6 (1), 1016-1055, 2015
Capacity fade in solid-state batteries: interphase formation and chemomechanical processes in nickel-rich layered oxide cathodes and lithium thiophosphate solid electrolytes
R Koerver, I Aygün, T Leichtweiß, C Dietrich, W Zhang, JO Binder, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (13), 5574-5582, 2017
Degradation of NASICON-type materials in contact with lithium metal: formation of mixed conducting interphases (MCI) on solid electrolytes
P Hartmann, T Leichtweiss, MR Busche, M Schneider, M Reich, J Sann, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (41), 21064-21074, 2013
A comprehensive study on the cell chemistry of the sodium superoxide (NaO 2) battery
P Hartmann, CL Bender, J Sann, AK Dürr, M Jansen, J Janek, P Adelhelm
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (28), 11661-11672, 2013
Mesoporous TiO2: Comparison of Classical Sol−Gel and Nanoparticle Based Photoelectrodes for the Water Splitting Reaction
P Hartmann, DK Lee, BM Smarsly, J Janek
Acs Nano 4 (6), 3147-3154, 2010
Anisotropic lattice strain and mechanical degradation of high-and low-nickel NCM cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
AO Kondrakov, A Schmidt, J Xu, H Geßwein, R Mönig, P Hartmann, ...
The journal of physical chemistry C 121 (6), 3286-3294, 2017
Exceptional Photocatalytic Activity of Ordered Mesoporous β-Bi2O3 Thin Films and Electrospun Nanofiber Mats
K Brezesinski, R Ostermann, P Hartmann, J Perlich, T Brezesinski
Chemistry of Materials 22 (10), 3079-3085, 2010
Chemo-mechanical expansion of lithium electrode materials–on the route to mechanically optimized all-solid-state batteries
R Koerver, W Zhang, L de Biasi, S Schweidler, AO Kondrakov, S Kolling, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (8), 2142-2158, 2018
Interfacial processes and influence of composite cathode microstructure controlling the performance of all-solid-state lithium batteries
W Zhang, DA Weber, H Weigand, T Arlt, I Manke, D Schröder, R Koerver, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (21), 17835-17845, 2017
Ordered Large-Pore Mesoporous Li4Ti5O12 Spinel Thin Film Electrodes with Nanocrystalline Framework for High Rate Rechargeable Lithium Batteries …
J Haetge, P Hartmann, K Brezesinski, J Janek, T Brezesinski
Chemistry of Materials 23 (19), 4384-4393, 2011
On the Thermodynamics, the Role of the Carbon Cathode, and the Cycle Life of the Sodium Superoxide (NaO2) Battery
CL Bender, P Hartmann, M Vračar, P Adelhelm, J Janek
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (12), 1301863, 2014
Improving energy density and structural stability of manganese oxide cathodes for Na-ion batteries by structural lithium substitution
E de la Llave, E Talaie, E Levi, PK Nayak, M Dixit, PT Rao, P Hartmann, ...
Chemistry of Materials 28 (24), 9064-9076, 2016
Between scylla and charybdis: balancing among structural stability and energy density of layered NCM cathode materials for advanced lithium-ion batteries
L de Biasi, AO Kondrakov, H Geßwein, T Brezesinski, P Hartmann, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (47), 26163-26171, 2017
Charge-transfer-induced lattice collapse in Ni-rich NCM cathode materials during delithiation
AO Kondrakov, H Geßwein, K Galdina, L De Biasi, V Meded, EO Filatova, ...
The journal of physical chemistry C 121 (44), 24381-24388, 2017
Comparison between Na-ion and Li-ion cells: understanding the critical role of the cathodes stability and the anodes pretreatment on the cells behavior
E De La Llave, V Borgel, KJ Park, JY Hwang, YK Sun, P Hartmann, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (3), 1867-1875, 2016
Pressure dynamics in metal–oxygen (metal–air) batteries: a case study on sodium superoxide cells
P Hartmann, D Grübl, H Sommer, J Janek, WG Bessler, P Adelhelm
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (3), 1461-1471, 2014
Volume Changes of Graphite Anodes Revisited: A Combined Operando X-ray Diffraction and In Situ Pressure Analysis Study
S Schweidler, L de Biasi, A Schiele, P Hartmann, T Brezesinski, J Janek
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (16), 8829-8835, 2018
Impact of cathode material particle size on the capacity of bulk-type all-solid-state batteries
F Strauss, T Bartsch, L de Biasi, AY Kim, J Janek, P Hartmann, ...
ACS Energy Letters 3 (4), 992-996, 2018
There and Back Again—The Journey of LiNiO2 as a Cathode Active Material
M Bianchini, M Roca‐Ayats, P Hartmann, T Brezesinski, J Janek
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (31), 10434-10458, 2019
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