Jonathan R McDaniel
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Self-assembling chimeric polypeptide–doxorubicin conjugate nanoparticles that abolish tumours after a single injection
J Andrew MacKay, M Chen, JR McDaniel, W Liu, AJ Simnick, A Chilkoti
Nature materials 8 (12), 993-999, 2009
Recursive directional ligation by plasmid reconstruction allows rapid and seamless cloning of oligomeric genes
JR McDaniel, JA MacKay, FG Quiroz, A Chilkoti
Biomacromolecules 11 (4), 944-952, 2010
Drug delivery to solid tumors by elastin-like polypeptides
JR McDaniel, DJ Callahan, A Chilkoti
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Fabrication of elastin-like polypeptide nanoparticles for drug delivery by electrospraying
Y Wu, JA MacKay, JR McDaniel, A Chilkoti, RL Clark
Biomacromolecules 10 (1), 19-24, 2008
Prevalent, protective, and convergent IgG recognition of SARS-CoV-2 non-RBD spike epitopes
WN Voss, YJ Hou, NV Johnson, G Delidakis, JE Kim, K Javanmardi, ...
Science 372 (6546), 1108-1112, 2021
A Unified Model for De Novo Design of Elastin-like Polypeptides with Tunable Inverse Transition Temperatures
JR McDaniel, DC Radford, A Chilkoti
Biomacromolecules 14 (8), 2866-2872, 2013
A paclitaxel-loaded recombinant polypeptide nanoparticle outperforms Abraxane in multiple murine cancer models
J Bhattacharyya, JJ Bellucci, I Weitzhandler, JR McDaniel, I Spasojevic, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 7939, 2015
Structures of HIV-1 Env V1V2 with broadly neutralizing antibodies reveal commonalities that enable vaccine design
J Gorman, C Soto, MM Yang, TM Davenport, M Guttman, RT Bailer, ...
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 23 (1), 81-90, 2015
Ultra-high-throughput sequencing of the immune receptor repertoire from millions of lymphocytes
JR McDaniel, BJ DeKosky, H Tanno, AD Ellington, G Georgiou
Nature protocols 11 (3), 429-442, 2016
Self‐assembly of thermally responsive nanoparticles of a genetically encoded peptide polymer by drug conjugation
JR McDaniel, J Bhattacharyya, KB Vargo, W Hassouneh, DA Hammer, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (6), 1683-1687, 2013
Potent and broad HIV-neutralizing antibodies in memory B cells and plasma
LTD Williams, G Ofek, S Schätzle, JR McDaniel, X Lu, NI Nicely, L Wu, ...
Science immunology 2 (7), eaal2200, 2017
Injectable intratumoral depot of thermally responsive polypeptide–radionuclide conjugates delays tumor progression in a mouse model
W Liu, JA MacKay, MR Dreher, M Chen, JR McDaniel, AJ Simnick, ...
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Functional interrogation and mining of natively paired human VH:VL antibody repertoires
B Wang, BJ DeKosky, MR Timm, J Lee, E Normandin, J Misasi, R Kong, ...
Nature biotechnology 36 (2), 152-155, 2018
Doxorubicin-conjugated chimeric polypeptide nanoparticles that respond to mild hyperthermia
JR McDaniel, SR MacEwan, M Dewhirst, A Chilkoti
Journal of controlled release 159 (3), 362-367, 2012
Persistent antibody clonotypes dominate the serum response to influenza over multiple years and repeated vaccinations
J Lee, P Paparoditis, AP Horton, A Frühwirth, JR McDaniel, J Jung, ...
Cell host & microbe 25 (3), 367-376. e5, 2019
Longitudinal analysis reveals early development of three MPER-directed neutralizing antibody lineages from an HIV-1-infected individual
SJ Krebs, YD Kwon, CA Schramm, WH Law, G Donofrio, KH Zhou, S Gift, ...
Immunity 50 (3), 677-691. e13, 2019
Sera antibody repertoire analyses reveal mechanisms of broad and pandemic strain neutralizing responses after human norovirus vaccination
LC Lindesmith, JR McDaniel, A Changela, R Verardi, SA Kerr, ...
Immunity 50 (6), 1530-1541. e8, 2019
Noncanonical self-assembly of highly asymmetric genetically encoded polypeptide amphiphiles into cylindrical micelles
JR McDaniel, I Weitzhandler, S Prevost, KB Vargo, MS Appavou, ...
Nano letters 14 (11), 6590-6598, 2014
Rational design of “heat seeking” drug loaded polypeptide nanoparticles that thermally target solid tumors
JR McDaniel, SR MacEwan, X Li, DC Radford, CD Landon, M Dewhirst, ...
Nano letters 14 (5), 2890-2895, 2014
Brachytherapy using injectable seeds that are self-assembled from genetically encoded polypeptides in situ
W Liu, J McDaniel, X Li, D Asai, FG Quiroz, J Schaal, JS Park, M Zalutsky, ...
Cancer research 72 (22), 5956-5965, 2012
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