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Ba3Y2B6O15:Ce3+—A High Symmetry, Narrow-Emitting Blue Phosphor for Wide-Gamut White Lighting
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Local Structure Distortion Induced Broad Band Emission in the All-Inorganic BaScO2F:Eu2+ Perovskite
S Hariyani, J Brgoch
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Thermally Robust and Color-Tunable Blue-Green-Emitting BaMgSi4O10:Eu2+,Mn2+ Phosphor for Warm-White LEDs
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A guide to comprehensive phosphor discovery for solid-state lighting
S Hariyani, M Sˇjka, A Setlur, J Brgoch
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Realizing Wide‐Gamut Human‐Centric Display Lighting with K3AlP3O9N:Eu2+
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Spectral design of phosphor-converted LED lighting guided by color theory
S Hariyani, J Brgoch
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Broad green emission in the leucite-like Cs2ZnSi5O12: Eu2+ phosphor
S Hariyani, E Armijo, J Brgoch
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Sensitive and Reliable Fluorescent Thermometer Based on a Red-Emitting Li2MgHfO4:Mn4+ Phosphor
Y Qin, F Zhong, Y Bian, S Hariyani, Y Cao, J Brgoch, T Seto, MG Brik, ...
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The Deep Eutectic Solvent Precipitation Synthesis of Metastable Zn4V2O9
S Hong, Y Cheng, S Hariyani, J Li, RM Doughty, A Mantravadi, ...
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Sr6(BO3)3BN2: An Oxido–Nitrido–Borate Phosphor Featuring BN2 Dumbbells
SG Jantz, R Erdmann, S Hariyani, J Brgoch, HA Höppe
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Colossal Chromatic Shift in the Ba2Ca2B4O10:Ce3+ Phosphor
M Sˇjka, S Hariyani, N Lee, J Brgoch
Chemistry of Materials 35 (16), 6491-6501, 2023
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