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Dendritic and axonal architecture of individual pyramidal neurons across layers of adult human neocortex
H Mohan, MB Verhoog, KK Doreswamy, G Eyal, R Aardse, BN Lodder, ...
Cerebral cortex 25 (12), 4839-4853, 2015
Label-free live brain imaging and targeted patching with third-harmonic generation microscopy
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Unique membrane properties and enhanced signal processing in human neocortical neurons
G Eyal, MB Verhoog, G Testa-Silva, Y Deitcher, JC Lodder, ...
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High bandwidth synaptic communication and frequency tracking in human neocortex
G Testa-Silva, MB Verhoog, D Linaro, CPJ De Kock, JC Baayen, ...
PLoS biology 12 (11), e1002007, 2014
The human cerebellum has almost 80% of the surface area of the neocortex
MI Sereno, J Diedrichsen, M Tachrount, G Testa-Silva, H d’Arceuil, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (32), 19538-19543, 2020
Hyperconnectivity and slow synapses during early development of medial prefrontal cortex in a mouse model for mental retardation and autism
G Testa-Silva, A Loebel, M Giugliano, CPJ de Kock, HD Mansvelder, ...
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Mechanisms underlying the rules for associative plasticity at adult human neocortical synapses
MB Verhoog, NA Goriounova, J Obermayer, J Stroeder, JJJ Hjorth, ...
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Human cortical pyramidal neurons: from spines to spikes via models
G Eyal, MB Verhoog, G Testa-Silva, Y Deitcher, R Benavides-Piccione, ...
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 12, 181, 2018
Human synapses show a wide temporal window for spike-timing-dependent plasticity
G Testa-Silva, MB Verhoog, NA Goriounova, A Loebel, JJJ Hjorth, ...
Frontiers in synaptic neuroscience 2, 12, 2010
Lateral inhibition by Martinotti interneurons is facilitated by cholinergic inputs in human and mouse neocortex
J Obermayer, TS Heistek, A Kerkhofs, NA Goriounova, T Kroon, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 4101, 2018
Diacylglycerol lipase is not involved in depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition at unitary inhibitory connections in mouse hippocampus
R Min, G Testa-Silva, TS Heistek, CB Canto, JC Lodder, T Bisogno, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (7), 2710-2715, 2010
Enhanced long term microcircuit plasticity in the valproic acid animal model of autism
GT Silva, JV Le Bé, I Riachi, T Rinaldi, K Markram, H Markram
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Photoactivated voltage imaging in tissue with an archaerhodopsin-derived reporter
MP Chien, D Brinks, G Testa-Silva, H Tian, F Phil Brooks III, Y Adam, ...
Science advances 7 (19), eabe3216, 2021
Strong and reliable synaptic communication between pyramidal neurons in adult human cerebral cortex
S Hunt, Y Leibner, EJ Mertens, N Barros-Zulaica, L Kanari, TS Heistek, ...
Cerebral Cortex 33 (6), 2857-2878, 2023
Reconstruction and unfolding of the human cerebellar cortex from high-resolution post-mortem MRI
MI Sereno, J Diedrichsen, M Tachrount, G Silva, CI De Zeeuw
Abst Soc Neurosci, 2014
High synaptic threshold for dendritic nmda spike generation in human layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons
G Testa-Silva, M Rosier, S Honnuraiah, R Guzulaitis, AM Megias, ...
Cell reports 41 (11), 2022
Third-Harmonic Generation Microscopy For Label-Free Brain Imaging
S Witte, NV Kuzmin, A Negrean, JC Lodder, GT Silva, CPJ de Kock, ...
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What makes us human: short term synaptic depression in the human neocortex
G Testa-Silva, HD Mansvelder
Label-free live brain imaging with third-harmonic generation microscopy
S Witte, A Negrean, JC Lodder, GT Silva, CPJ de Kock, HD Mansvelder, ...
European Quantum Electronics Conference, CLEB1_1, 2011
High Bandwidth Synaptic Communication and Frequency Tracking in Human Neocortex
G Silva, MB Verhoog, D Linaro, CPJ de Kock, JC Baayen, RM Meredith, ...
PLoS Biology (print) 12 (11), 2014
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