Gregor Kalinkat
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Universal temperature and body-mass scaling of feeding rates
BC Rall, U Brose, M Hartvig, G Kalinkat, F Schwarzmüller, O Vucic-Pestic, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 367 (1605), 2923-2934, 2012
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O Vucic‐Pestic, BC Rall, G Kalinkat, U Brose
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Body masses, functional responses and predator–prey stability
G Kalinkat, FD Schneider, C Digel, C Guill, BC Rall, U Brose
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Taxonomic versus allometric constraints on non‐linear interaction strengths
BC Rall, G Kalinkat, D Ott, O Vucic‐Pestic, U Brose
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Predicting the consequences of species loss using size‐structured biodiversity approaches
U Brose, JL Blanchard, A Eklöf, N Galiana, M Hartvig, M R Hirt, G Kalinkat, ...
Biological Reviews 92 (2), 684-697, 2017
Habitat structure alters top-down control in litter communities
G Kalinkat, U Brose, BC Rall
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The allometry of prey preferences
G Kalinkat, BC Rall, O Vucic-Pestic, U Brose
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Flagship umbrella species needed for the conservation of overlooked aquatic biodiversity
G Kalinkat, JS Cabral, W Darwall, GF Ficetola, JL Fisher, DP Giling, ...
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Effects of climate change on the interactions between insect pests and their natural enemies
G Kalinkat, BC Rall
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Individual variation in functional response parameters is explained by body size but not by behavioural types in a poeciliid fish
A Schröder, G Kalinkat, R Arlinghaus
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Body size and the behavioral ecology of insects: linking individuals to ecological communities
G Kalinkat, M Jochum, U Brose, AI Dell
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Experimental duration and predator satiation levels systematically affect functional response parameters
Y Li, BC Rall, G Kalinkat
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Susceptibility of European freshwater fish to climate change: species profiling based on life‐history and environmental characteristics
I Jarić, RJ Lennox, G Kalinkat, G Cvijanović, J Radinger
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Bringing animal personality research into the food web arena
G Kalinkat
Journal of Animal Ecology 83 (6), 1245-1247, 2014
Exceptional body size–extinction risk relations shed new light on the freshwater biodiversity crisis
G Kalinkat, SC Jähnig, JM Jeschke
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 114 (48), E10263 …, 2017
On the occurrence of three non-native cichlid species including the first record of a feral population of Pelmatolapia (Tilapia) mariae (Boulenger, 1899) in Europe
JAY Lukas, J Jourdan, G Kalinkat, S Emde, FW Miesen, H Jüngling, ...
Royal Society Open Science 4 (6), 170160, 2017
The global decline of freshwater megafauna
F He, C Zarfl, V Bremerich, JNW David, Z Hogan, G Kalinkat, K Tockner, ...
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Complex responses of global insect pests to climate warming
P Lehmann, T Ammunét, M Barton, A Battisti, SD Eigenbrode, JU Jepsen, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, doi: 10.1002/fee.2160, 2020
Community Ecology of Aquatic Insects: A Landscape Perspective
V Baranov, G Kalinkat
Novel Methods and Results of Landscape Research in Europe, Central Asia and …, 2018
Safeguarding Freshwater Life Beyond 2020: Recommendations for the New Global Biodiversity Framework from the European Experience
CB van Rees, KA Waylen, A Schmidt-Kloiber, SJ Thackeray, G Kalinkat, ..., doi: 10.20944/preprints202001.0212.v1, 2020
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