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Nanogold plasmonic photocatalysis for organic synthesis and clean energy conversion
C Wang, D Astruc
Chemical Society Reviews 43 (20), 7188-7216, 2014
MoS2 Nanosheets: A Designed Structure with High Active Site Density for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Z Wu, B Fang, Z Wang, C Wang, Z Liu, F Liu, W Wang, A Alfantazi, ...
Acs Catalysis 3 (9), 2101-2107, 2013
Metal-catalyzed azide-alkyne “click” reactions: Mechanistic overview and recent trends
C Wang, D Ikhlef, S Kahlal, JY Saillard, D Astruc
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 316, 1-20, 2016
Highly Selective and Sharp Volcano-type Synergistic Ni2Pt@ZIF-8-Catalyzed Hydrogen Evolution from Ammonia Borane Hydrolysis
F Fu, C Wang, Q Wang, AM Martinez-Villacorta, A Escobar, H Chong, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (31), 10034-10042, 2018
Hydrolysis of ammonia-borane over Ni/ZIF-8 nanocatalyst: high efficiency, mechanism, and controlled hydrogen release
C Wang, J Tuninetti, Z Wang, C Zhang, R Ciganda, L Salmon, S Moya, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (33), 11610-11615, 2017
Recent developments of nanocatalyzed liquid-phase hydrogen generation
C Wang, D Astruc
Chemical Society Reviews, 3437-3484, 2021
Highly efficient transition metal nanoparticle catalysts in aqueous solutions
C Wang, R Ciganda, L Salmon, D Gregurec, J Irigoyen, S Moya, J Ruiz, ...
Angewandte Chemie 128 (9), 3143-3147, 2016
Hydrogen Generation upon Nanocatalyzed Hydrolysis of Hydrogen-Rich Boron Derivatives: Recent Developments
C Wang, Q Wang, F Fu, D Astruc
Accounts of Chemical Research, 11610-11615, 2020
Distorted MoS2 nanostructures: An efficient catalyst for the electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction
D Wang, Z Wang, C Wang, P Zhou, Z Wu, Z Liu
Electrochemistry communications 34, 219-222, 2013
Recent Developments of Metallic Nanoparticle-Graphene Nanocatalysts
C Wang, D Astruc
Progress in Materials Science 94, 306-383, 2018
Highly efficient and selective Co@ ZIF‐8 nanocatalyst for hydrogen release from sodium borohydride hydrolysis
C Luo, F Fu, X Yang, J Wei, C Wang, J Zhu, D Huang, D Astruc, P Zhao
ChemCatChem 11 (6), 1643-1649, 2019
Nanocatalyzed upcycling of the plastic wastes for a circular economy
C Wang, H Han, Y Wu, D Astruc
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 458, 214422, 2022
Design and Applications of an Efficient Amphiphilic “Click” CuI Catalyst in Water
C Wang, D Wang, S Yu, T Cornilleau, J Ruiz, L Salmon, D Astruc
ACS Catalysis 6 (8), 5424-5431, 2016
An efficient parts-per-million α-Fe 2 O 3 nanocluster/graphene oxide catalyst for Suzuki–Miyaura coupling reactions and 4-nitrophenol reduction in aqueous solution
C Wang, L Salmon, R Ciganda, L Yate, S Moya, J Ruiz, D Astruc
Chemical communications 53 (3), 644-646, 2017
Effect of W addition on the hydrodeoxygenation of 4-methylphenol over unsupported NiMo sulfide catalysts
C Wang, D Wang, Z Wu, Z Wang, C Tang, P Zhou
Applied Catalysis A: General 476, 61-67, 2014
Fast Au-Ni@ ZIF-8-catalyzed ammonia borane hydrolysis boosted by dramatic volcano-type synergy and plasmonic acceleration
N Kang, X Wei, R Shen, B Li, EG Cal, S Moya, L Salmon, C Wang, E Coy, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 320, 121957, 2023
Highly Ordered Mesoporous Co3O4 Electrocatalyst for Efficient, Selective, and Stable Oxidation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural to 2, 5-Furandicarboxylic Acid
C Wang, HJ Bongard, M Yu, F Schüth
ChemSusChem 14, 5199 –5206, 2021
From mono to tris-1, 2, 3-triazole-stabilized gold nanoparticles and their compared catalytic efficiency in 4-nitrophenol reduction
C Wang, L Salmon, Q Li, ME Igartua, S Moya, R Ciganda, J Ruiz, D Astruc
Inorganic Chemistry 55 (13), 6776-6780, 2016
The effect of nickel content on the hydrodeoxygenation of 4-methylphenol over unsupported NiMoW sulfide catalysts
C Wang, Z Wu, C Tang, L Li, D Wang
Catalysis Communications 32, 76-80, 2013
A Novel Electrode for Value‐Generating Anode Reactions in Water Electrolyzers at Industrial Current Densities
C Wang, Y Wu, A Bodach, ML Krebs, W Schuhmann, F Schüth
Angewandte Chemie 135 (7), e202215804, 2023
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