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Fábio Arthur Leão de Souza
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Augmented Gaussian basis sets for the elements K, Sc–Kr, Rb, and Y–Xe: Application in HF, MP2, and DFT calculations of molecular electric properties
LSC Martins, FAL de Souza, GA Ceolin, FE Jorge, RC de Berrêdo, ...
Computational and Theoretical Chemistry 1013, 62-69, 2013
Electrical detection of nucleotides via nanopores in a hybrid graphene/h-BN sheet
FAL de Souza, RG Amorim, WL Scopel, RH Scheicher
Nanoscale 9 (6), 2207-2212, 2017
NMR spectral parameters in graphene, graphite, and related materials: Ab initio calculations and experimental results
FAL de Souza, AR Ambrozio, ES Souza, DF Cipriano, WL Scopel, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (48), 27707-27716, 2016
Topological line defects in graphene for applications in gas sensing
FAL de Souza, RG Amorim, J Prasongkit, WL Scopel, RH Scheicher, ...
Carbon 129, 803-808, 2018
Nano-structured interface of graphene and h-BN for sensing applications
FAL De Souza, RG Amorim, WL Scopel, RH Scheicher
Nanotechnology 27 (36), 365503, 2016
Hybrid 2D nanodevices (graphene/h-BN): selecting NO x gas through the device interface
FAL de Souza, G Sivaraman, J Hertkorn, RG Amorim, M Fyta, WL Scopel
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (15), 8905-8911, 2019
Topological line defects around graphene nanopores for DNA sequencing
J Prasongkit, E de Freitas Martins, FAL De Souza, WL Scopel, RG Amorim, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (13), 7094-7099, 2018
Electrically sensing Hachimoji DNA nucleotides through a hybrid graphene/h-BN nanopore
FAL de Souza, G Sivaraman, M Fyta, RH Scheicher, WL Scopel, ...
Nanoscale 12 (35), 18289-18295, 2020
Tuning the photocatalytic water-splitting capability of two-dimensional α-In 2 Se 3 by strain-driven band gap engineering
EF Procopio, RN Pedrosa, FAL de Souza, WS Paz, WL Scopel
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (6), 3520-3526, 2020
Trends in the spin states and mean static dipole polarizability of the group VIIIA metallocenes
FNN Pansini, FAL de Souza
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 120 (17), 2771-2778, 2016
Controlled current confinement in interfaced 2D nanosensor for electrical identification of DNA
FAL de Souza, RG Amorim, WL Scopel, RH Scheicher
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (45), 24884-24890, 2019
Molecules under external electric field: On the changes in the electronic structure and validity limits of the theoretical predictions
FNN Pansini, FAL De Souza, CT Campos
Journal of Computational Chemistry 39 (20), 1561-1567, 2018
Basis set convergence on static electric dipole polarizability calculations of alkali-metal clusters
FAL de Souza, FE Jorge
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 24, 1357-1365, 2013
Electronic Transport along Hybrid MoS2 Monolayers
G Sivaraman, FAL De Souza, RG Amorim, WL Scopel, M Fyta, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (41), 23389-23396, 2016
13C NMR Parameters of Disordered Carbons: Atomistic Simulations, DFT Calculations, and Experimental Results
AR Ambrozio, JM Leyssale, RJM Pellenq, FAL de Souza, GL Vignoles, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (23), 12784-12793, 2020
Emergence of Topological Edge States in Oxidized α-In2Se3 Nanosheets: Implications for Field-Effect Transistors
EF Procopio, N N Batista, FA L de Souza, WS Paz, JJ Palacios, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 4 (8), 8154-8161, 2021
NMR spectral parameters of open-and closed-shell graphene nanoflakes: Orbital and hyperfine contributions
FAL de Souza, FNN Pansini, AR Ambrozio, JCC Freitas, WL Scopel
Carbon 191, 374-383, 2022
L. Filho, AR Ambrozio, J. Freitas and WL Scopel
F de Souza, F Pansini
Carbon 191, 374-383, 2022
C-doping anisotropy effects on borophene electronic transport
TLG Cabral, LTS de Miranda, DC de Melo Rodrigues, FAL de Souza, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 34 (9), 095502, 2021
Size and shape effects on the stability, electronic structure, and Raman spectroscopy of (SrO)n nanoclusters
LF Filho, FNN Pansini, FAL de Souza
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 121 (12), e26642, 2021
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