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Enhancement of ionic conductivity of composite membranes for all-solid-state lithium rechargeable batteries incorporating tetragonal Li7La3Zr2O12 into a polyethylene oxide matrix
JH Choi, CH Lee, JH Yu, CH Doh, SM Lee
Journal of Power Sources 274, 458-463, 2015
Intercalation of lithium ions into graphite electrodes studied by AC impedance measurements
T Piao, SM Park, CH Doh, SI Moon
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Thermal and electrochemical behaviour of C/LixCoO2 cell during safety test
CH Doh, DH Kim, HS Kim, HM Shin, YD Jeong, SI Moon, BS Jin, SW Eom, ...
Journal of Power Sources 175 (2), 881-885, 2008
A new SiO/C anode composition for lithium-ion battery
CH Doh, CW Park, HM Shin, DH Kim, YD Chung, SI Moon, BS Jin, ...
Journal of Power Sources 179 (1), 367-370, 2008
Improvement of cycle behaviour of SiO/C anode composite by thermochemically generated Li4SiO4 inert phase for lithium batteries
A Veluchamy, CH Doh, DH Kim, JH Lee, DJ Lee, KH Ha, HM Shin, BS Jin, ...
Journal of Power Sources 188 (2), 574-577, 2009
CuFe2O4/SnO2 nanocomposites as anodes for Li-ion batteries
RK Selvan, N Kalaiselvi, CO Augustin, CH Doh, C Sanjeeviraja
Journal of power sources 157 (1), 522-527, 2006
Integrated study of first principles calculations and experimental measurements for Li-ionic conductivity in Al-doped solid-state LiGe2 (PO4) 3 electrolyte
J Kang, H Chung, C Doh, B Kang, B Han
Journal of Power Sources 293, 11-16, 2015
Thermal analysis of LixCoO2 cathode material of lithium ion battery
A Veluchamy, CH Doh, DH Kim, JH Lee, HM Shin, BS Jin, HS Kim, ...
Journal of Power Sources 189 (1), 855-858, 2009
A novel approach to exploit LiFePO4 compound as an ambient temperature high capacity anode material for rechargeable lithium batteries
N Kalaiselvi, CH Doh, CW Park, SI Moon, MS Yun
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Organic-inorganic hybrid solid electrolytes for solid-state lithium cells operating at room temperature
YC Jung, MS Park, CH Doh, DW Kim
Electrochimica Acta 218, 271-277, 2016
Improved anode performance of thermally treated SiO/C composite with an organic solution mixture
CH Doh, HM Shin, DH Kim, YC Ha, BS Jin, HS Kim, SI Moon, ...
Electrochemistry Communications 10 (2), 233-237, 2008
Anodic WO3 Mesosponge @ Carbon: A Novel Binder-less Electrode for Advanced Energy Storage Devices
SA Pervez, D Kim, CH Doh, U Farooq, HY Choi, JH Choi
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (14), 7635-7643, 2015
Cathodic performance of V2O5 nanowires and reduced graphene oxide composites for lithium ion batteries
D Pham-Cong, K Ahn, SW Hong, SY Jeong, JH Choi, CH Doh, JS Jin, ...
Current Applied Physics 14 (2), 215-221, 2014
Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of a glass-ceramic Li7P2S8I solid electrolyte for all-solid-state Li-ion batteries
SJ Choi, SH Lee, YC Ha, JH Yu, CH Doh, Y Lee, JW Park, SM Lee, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 165 (5), A957, 2018
Low temperature performance of graphite and LiNi0. 6Co0. 2Mn0. 2O2 electrodes in Li-ion batteries
A Yaqub, YJ Lee, MJ Hwang, SA Pervez, U Farooq, JH Choi, D Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Science 49 (22), 7707-7714, 2014
Technological potential and issues of polyacrylonitrile based nanofiber non-woven separator for Li-ion rechargeable batteries
YJ Kim, HS Kim, CH Doh, SH Kim, SM Lee
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Preparation and electrochemical performance of gel polymer electrolytes using tri (ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate
HS Kim, JH Shin, CH Doh, SI Moon, SP Kim
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Comparative electrochemical analysis of crystalline and amorphous anodized iron oxide nanotube layers as negative electrode for LIB
SA Pervez, D Kim, U Farooq, A Yaqub, JH Choi, YJ Lee, CH Doh
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6 (14), 11219-11224, 2014
A new composite anode, Fe–Cu–Si/C for lithium ion battery
CH Doh, HM Shin, DH Kim, YD Jeong, SI Moon, BS Jin, HS Kim, KW Kim, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 461 (1-2), 321-325, 2008
Applications of Carbon Nanotubes to Energy Storage Devices (NDFCT 396)
YH Lee, KH An, SC Lim, WS Kim, HJ Jeong, CH Doh, SI Moon
New Diamond and Frontier Carbon Technology 12 (4), 209-228, 2002
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