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Stimuli-responsive nanogel composites and their application in nanomedicine
M Molina, M Asadian-Birjand, J Balach, J Bergueiro, E Miceli, M Calderón
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (17), 6161-6186, 2015
Micro-and nanogels with labile crosslinks–from synthesis to biomedical applications
X Zhang, S Malhotra, M Molina, R Haag
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (7), 1948-1973, 2015
Pressure and microwave sensors/actuators based on smart hydrogel/conductive polymer nanocomposite
RE Rivero, MA Molina, CR Rivarola, CA Barbero
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 190, 270-278, 2014
Thermosensitive dendritic polyglycerol-based nanogels for cutaneous delivery of biomacromolecules
M Witting, M Molina, K Obst, R Plank, KM Eckl, HC Hennies, M Calderón, ...
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 11 (5), 1179-1187, 2015
Fabrication of thermoresponsive nanogels by thermo-nanoprecipitation and in situ encapsulation of bioactives
M Giulbudagian, M Asadian-Birjand, D Steinhilber, K Achazi, M Molina, ...
Polymer Chemistry 5 (24), 6909-6913, 2014
Responsive nanogels for application as smart carriers in endocytic pH-triggered drug delivery systems
JC Cuggino, M Molina, S Wedepohl, CIA Igarzabal, M Calderón, ...
European Polymer Journal 78, 14-24, 2016
Responsive nanogels for application as smart carriers in endocytic pH-triggered drug delivery systems
JC Cuggino, M Molina, S Wedepohl, CIA Igarzabal, M Calderón, ...
European Polymer Journal 78, 14-24, 2016
Smart polyaniline nanoparticles with thermal and photothermal sensitivity
SB Abel, MA Molina, CR Rivarola, MJ Kogan, CA Barbero
Nanotechnology 25 (49), 495602, 2014
NIR-and thermo-responsive semi-interpenetrated polypyrrole nanogels for imaging guided combinational photothermal and chemotherapy
LE Theune, J Buchmann, S Wedepohl, M Molina, J Laufer, M Calderón
Journal of Controlled Release 311, 147-161, 2019
Study on partition and release of molecules in superabsorbent thermosensitive nanocomposites
MA Molina, CR Rivarola, CA Barbero
Polymer 53 (2), 445-453, 2012
Positively Charged Thermoresponsive Nanogels for Anticancer Drug Delivery
M Molina, M Giulbudagian, M Calderón
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 215 (24), 2414-2419, 2014
Effect of copolymerization and semi-interpenetration with conducting polyanilines on the physicochemical properties of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) based thermosensitive hydrogels
MA Molina, CR Rivarola, CA Barbero
European Polymer Journal 47 (10), 1977-1984, 2011
Polymeric near-infrared absorbing dendritic nanogels for efficient in vivo photothermal cancer therapy
M Molina, S Wedepohl, M Calderón
Nanoscale 8 (11), 5852-5856, 2016
Immobilization of stimuli-responsive nanogels onto honeycomb porous surfaces and controlled release of proteins
AS De León, M Molina, S Wedepohl, A Munoz-Bonilla, ...
Langmuir 32 (7), 1854-1862, 2016
Nanocomposites based on pH-sensitive hydrogels and chitosan decorated carbon nanotubes with antibacterial properties
R Bellingeri, L Mulko, M Molina, N Picco, F Alustiza, C Grosso, A Vivas, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 90, 461-467, 2018
Nanocomposite synthesis by absorption of nanoparticles into macroporous hydrogels. Building a chemomechanical actuator driven by electromagnetic radiation
MA Molina, CR Rivarola, MC Miras, D Lescano, CA Barbero
Nanotechnology 22 (24), 245504, 2011
Polyaniline nanoparticles for near-infrared photothermal destruction of cancer cells
EI Yslas, LE Ibarra, MA Molina, C Rivarola, CA Barbero, ML Bertuzzi, ...
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 17 (10), 389, 2015
Near-infrared mediated tumor destruction by photothermal effect of PANI-Np in vivo
LE Ibarra, EI Yslas, MA Molina, CR Rivarola, S Romanini, CA Barbero, ...
Laser Physics 23 (6), 066004, 2013
Smart surfaces: reversible switching of a polymeric hydrogel topography
MA Molina, CR Rivarola, MF Broglia, DF Acevedo, CA Barbero
Soft Matter 8 (2), 307-310, 2012
Chitosan-g-oligo (epsilon-caprolactone) polymeric micelles: Microwave-assisted synthesis and physicochemical and cytocompatibility characterization
R Glisoni, S Quintana, M Molina, M Calderon, AG Moglioni, A Sosnik
J. Mater. Chem. B, 2015
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