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Utility of homology models in the drug discovery process
A Hillisch, LF Pineda, R Hilgenfeld
Drug discovery today 9 (15), 659-669, 2004
Discovery of BAY 94‐8862: a nonsteroidal antagonist of the mineralocorticoid receptor for the treatment of cardiorenal diseases
L Bärfacker, A Kuhl, A Hillisch, R Grosser, S Figueroa‐Pérez, H Heckroth, ...
ChemMedChem 7 (8), 1385-1403, 2012
Recent advances in FRET: distance determination in protein–DNA complexes
A Hillisch, M Lorenz, S Diekmann
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Dissecting physiological roles of estrogen receptor α and β with potent selective ligands from structure-based design
A Hillisch, O Peters, D Kosemund, G Müller, A Walter, B Schneider, ...
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Conception and pharmacodynamic profile of drospirenone
W Elger, S Beier, K Pollow, R Garfield, SQ Shi, A Hillisch
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A new mode of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonism by a potent and selective nonsteroidal molecule
J Fagart, A Hillisch, J Huyet, L Bärfacker, M Fay, U Pleiss, E Pook, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (39), 29932-29940, 2010
Improving the hit-to-lead process: data-driven assessment of drug-like and lead-like screening hits
T Wunberg, M Hendrix, A Hillisch, M Lobell, H Meier, C Schmeck, H Wild, ...
Drug discovery today 11 (3-4), 175-180, 2006
The Lab Oddity Prevails: Discovery of Pan‐CDK Inhibitor (R)‐S‐Cyclopropyl‐S‐(4‐{[4‐{[(1R,2R)‐2‐hydroxy‐1‐methylpropyl]oxy}‐5‐(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidin‐2 …
U Lücking, R Jautelat, M Krüger, T Brumby, P Lienau, M Schäfer, H Briem, ...
ChemMedChem 8 (7), 1067-1085, 2013
Binding free energy calculations for lead optimization: assessment of their accuracy in an industrial drug design context
N Homeyer, F Stoll, A Hillisch, H Gohlke
Journal of chemical theory and computation 10 (8), 3331-3344, 2014
Finerenone impedes aldosterone-dependent nuclear import of the mineralocorticoid receptor and prevents genomic recruitment of steroid receptor coactivator-1
L Amazit, F Le Billan, P Kolkhof, K Lamribet, S Viengchareun, MR Fay, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (36), 21876-21889, 2015
Impact of isotype-selective estrogen receptor agonists on ovarian function
C Hegele-Hartung, P Siebel, O Peters, D Kosemund, G Müller, A Hillisch, ...
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In silico ADMET traffic lights as a tool for the prioritization of HTS hits
M Lobell, M Hendrix, B Hinzen, J Keldenich, H Meier, C Schmeck, ...
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Bayer’s in silico ADMET platform: A journey of machine learning over the past two decades
AH Göller, L Kuhnke, F Montanari, A Bonin, S Schneckener, A Ter Laak, ...
Drug Discovery Today 25 (9), 1702-1709, 2020
Global structure similarities of intact and nicked DNA complexed with IHF measured in solution by fluorescence resonance energy transfer
M Lorenz, A Hillisch, SD Goodman, S Diekmann
Nucleic Acids Research 27 (23), 4619-4625, 1999
Best of Both Worlds: Combining Pharma Data and State of the Art Modeling Technology To Improve in Silico pKa Prediction
R Fraczkiewicz, M Lobell, AH Göller, U Krenz, R Schoenneis, RD Clark, ...
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DNA bending induced by high mobility group proteins studied by fluorescence resonance energy transfer
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CypScore: Quantitative prediction of reactivity toward cytochromes P450 based on semiempirical molecular orbital theory
M Hennemann, A Friedl, M Lobell, J Keldenich, A Hillisch, T Clark, ...
ChemMedChem: Chemistry Enabling Drug Discovery 4 (4), 657-669, 2009
Oral, direct thrombin and factor Xa inhibitors: the replacement for warfarin, leeches, and pig intestines?
A Straub, S Roehrig, A Hillisch
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (20), 4574-4590, 2011
Computational chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry: from childhood to adolescence
A Hillisch, N Heinrich, H Wild
ChemMedChem 10 (12), 1958-1962, 2015
18 Norsteroids as selectively active estrogens
A Hillisch, W Boidol, W Schwede, P Esperling, G Sauer, ...
US Patent 6,958,327, 2005
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